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Estimated Earnings of Amit Agarwal’s blog revealed!

What is the estimated earning made by Amit Agarwal from his blog Digital Inspiration ( ? Read this article to learn about the true  story of a journalist who is now recognized as the father of professional blogging… Digital Inspiration ( is one of the most powerful technology blog of India, founded and maintained by Agra based profession […]

Guide to see the Real-time Web analytics in Blogger

Guide to see the Real-time Web analytics in Blogger. Google has added real-time web analytics to Blogger and thus every blog on can views his stats from through .

Simple tweaks to see Sunrise and Sunset time in Google

Simple tweaks to see Sunrise and Sunset time in Google. Recently, I came across another hidden feature of Google, using which you can instantly see the sunrise and sunset time of each and every city of the world by just entering your city name. For example: Sunset Mumbia.

18 good Extensions for implementing Google Adsense in Joomla

A website without the great Google Adsense is like a newspaper without advertisements, and both are incomplete without one another. This article includes information on different kinds of free and premium extensions that will help you to implement Google Adsense on your blog and site.

How to delete your Disqus Account?

Disqus is one of the most innovative comment systems of all times. Every day thousands of webmasters and bloggers are implementing Disqus comment systems on their respective blogs.

Zenphoto Guide – Everything about Zenphoto

When it comes to simplicity and user-friendliness Zenphoto seems to be the best photo galley script of the world. In other words, it is an open source image management system that enables webmasters to create wonderful wallpapers, pictures and images sharing websites.

Plug-in for Integrating Zen photo with WordPress

Download plug-in and solutions for Integrating Zen photo with word press. Word press is one of the most influential content management system for hosting instant blogs on any niche.

Plugin for Integrating Zen Photo with Joomla

Joomla is regarded as one of the most innovative content management system of the world. At present the joomla community includes some 1500 templates (free + premium) and 4500 + powerful extensions.

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