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Attention Girls: This Is How You Can Forget Him Forever!

Title: You Want to Forget him; Come I have Something to Tell You “Hey I wanted to tell you that I’ve found the girl of my dreams and we are enjoying unforgettable, happy moments together”, this is what Leila’s boyfriend told her just a few months ago. Leila is my friend and that guy was her […]

Establishment and Working of Panchayat Raj in India

Organisation of Panchayati Raj in India came as a revolutionary step in the direction of democratic decentralisation and rural development. The launching of Community Development Programme on 2nd October, 1952 set the stage for the organisation of Panchayati Raj.

Gram Sabha: Composition and Function of Gram Sabha

The Gram Sabha constitutes the lowest tier of the Panchayati Raj. Each village with a population of 200 or more has a Gram Sabha. For a cluster of very small villages a common Gram Sabha can be created.

Gram Sasan in Orissa: (7 Function of Grama Sasan)

In Orissa, the grass-root level institution of Panchayat Raj is known as Grama Sasan. For each Grama (A village or a group of villages with a minimum population of 2000 and a maximum of 10,000) and as notified by the Government Gazette, there is a system of Gram Sasan.

Funds and Sources of Income of Zila Parishad

All money received by a Zila Parishad constitutes a fund called the Zila Parishad Fund. Also all money received by the Zila Parishad is kept in a Government Treasury or Sub-Treasury or in the bank to which the Government Treasury business has been made over, unless the government in any case otherwise permits. All orders […]

Composition of a Municipal Corporation in India

The number of members of each Municipal Corporation is determined, on the basis of the population of the city concerned, by the laws passed by the State Legislature.

9 Major Criticisms against Directive Principles – Explained!

Many critics have been very vocal in criticising the existence of unenforceable pious declarations (Directive Principles) in the Constitution of India. K.T. Shah compares DPSP to a cheque payable by the bank at its convenience.

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