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Short essay on plants

Quite a large number of plants exist in the world of nature. More than 3, 40,000 plants have been identified, described and named by botanists and a pretty large number still remain unknown.

Short essay on plant tissues

A tissue may be defined as an aggregation of similar cells, governed by the same laws of growth and development and adapted for the performance of the same function. These may be either plant tissues or animal tissues.

5 important artificial methods of reproduction

Stems are capable of giving adventitious roots and this principle is used by the gardeners, planters and horticulturists in artificial method of vegetative propagation.

Short Essay on Morphology

It is a simple unicellular plant. The individuals are spherical, ovoid subcylindrical or ellipsoidal. In many species a papilla like out growth is visible in the an­terior region. The protoplast is surrounded…

How does fumigation differ from spraying ?

Pesticides are used for controlling pests. These chemicals are applied by spraying or by fumigation. Spraying is done inside the storage structure before arrival of fresh stock. This is done for disinfecting…

What are the 11 differences between plants and animals ?

Higher plants can be very well differentiated from animals but differentiation becomes difficult in between lower plants and lower animals. It is due to this reason that some organisms are classified…

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