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How to effectively write a Book Review ?

Many books reviews are more interesting reading than the books themselves. Reading books reviews, moreover, is a marvelous way…

How to read books like a Genius ?

Are you an intelligent reader ? Or just a mere book watcher ? Read this article to grab the secrets of sound reading.

3 greatest inventions of recent times

Science and research are combine changing the world at greater speed. The impossible of the yesterday is possible today.

Invisible by Paul Auster – Extreme Book Review

“Invisible” is Paul Auster’s thirteenth novel. he is the writer of the “The Invention of Solitude”, who became a best selling author with is lucid and effortless prose.

Book of the Dead

The Egyptian Book of the Dead is a collection of texts that were used to accompany the souls of corpses into the afterlife and assist them in finding a satisfactory resting place.

Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow rich is a wonderful book written by Napolean Hill and published by The Ballantine Publishing. According to some readers this very books worth’s more than a million.

Best Cutting Edge Books

Today, I was searching for some cutting edge books for buying. While Googling I learned that Pustak Mahal is one of the India’s largest publisher of mass appeal books offering books on various topics.

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