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Relationship Between Political Science and Economics

The Greek writers considered both the sciences one and called Economics as Political Economy. Economics was called Political Economy by the Greeks and was defined by them as the art of providing revenue for the state.”

Proximate Factors Affecting H Theory of Money in Supply

Some of the Proximate Factors Affecting H Theory of Money in Supply are: (1) Net RBC to government, (2) RBC to banks, (3) RBC to development banks, (4) Set foreign exchange assets of the RBI and (5) Set non-monetary liabilities of the RBI.

What were the reasons behind forced migration and slavery?

The Europeans generated search for labour for working in the estates, plantations and mines. They imitated the cultivation and consumption of sugar from the Arabs. Columbus introduced sugar in West Indies in 1493.

What do you mean by Penetration in New Worlds?

In the far north of North America from AD 1000 onwards, the Palaeo-Eskimos of the eastern Arctic retreated before the eastward migration of the sea faring Neo Eskimos. They used harpoons for hunting whales.

What was the Role of Mercantilism in the Commercial Capitalism?

Mercantilism, a term coined by Adam Smith, played a very important role in the evolution of Commercial Capitalism. Maurice Dobb refers to it as ‘a system of state regulated exploitation through trade essentially the economic policy of an age of primitive accumulation.’

Who is a Capitalist Entrepreneur?

One very significant change with capitalist industrialization has been the enormous expansion of the middle strata.

What are the Socioeconomic Features of Underdevelopment Countries?

Underdevelopment is the state of an organization (e.g. a country) that has not reached its maturity. It is often used to refer to economic underdevelopment, symptoms of which include lack of access to job opportunities, health care, drinkable water, food, education and housing.

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