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Brief Notes on Urbanization

The settlements in which almost everyone remains engaged in secondary or tertiary activities are known as urban places. They are also called cities or towns. As they grow, they encroach the surrounding agricultural areas, natural forests etc.

Brief Notes on Animal Husbandry

The study of domestic and pet animals is called animal husbandry. It studies their types, behaviour and up keeping methodologies.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of LGP?

It is a gaseous hydrocarbon. It can be liquefied by cooling or compressing. Principle components of LPG are-Propane, Propene, Butane, Butene, Mixture of propane and butane.

Brief Notes on Mineral Resources

Mineral resources are elements, chemical compounds, minerals or rocks, concentrated in such a form, which can be extracted to obtain a usable commodity.

Brief Notes on the Uses of Forest

Forest is vital to the ecological functioning of the planet. They also form the habitat for a large portion of the earth’s plant and animal species. They are important to human for their prosperity and life. Some of the uses are listed below:

Brief Notes on the Use of Mineral Resources

A sum total of 180 billion tonnes metallic mineral is obtained from the earth these days. If we calculate properly, we need to extract 50 tones of minerals from the earth’s crust to support technically advanced society having a population of 5 billion people.

Brief Notes on Forest Resource

Forest is one of the most important national resources of India. It plays an important role in environment and in economy of our country. It provides various good; services and it also maintains life support system, which is needed for human life.

How oceans act as reservoir of resources ?

The oceans are a store-house of a large number of useful substances or resources. Ocean beds give us fossil fuels like natural gas and petroleum. The ocean beds (land below oceans) contain fossil fuels like….

What are the bamboo and what are its uses ?

The bamboo is a very valuable object. Out of a single root it grows in clusters. It is a long reed of a variety of grass with hollow jointed branches and a hard texture. Some varieties of the bamboo are not hollow but solid….

What is ozone depletion ?

Without our atmosphere, there would be no life on Earth. A relatively thin envelope, the atmosphere consists of layers of gases that support life and provide protection from harmful radiation. Ozone layer is a layer of the chemical ozone….

What is weather monitoring ?

To keep a continuous track of the various atmospheric factors which constitute weather at a place is called weather monitoring. These days, weather monitoring is done by using the satellites…

How the atmosphere evolved ?

The first organization of the earth system took place within 800 million years of its formation. During this first organization (which is known by the name of differentiation), the earth melted, and iron…

How the oceans are formed ?

During the first organization or differentiation, as the molten earth cooled gradually, the outer surface of mantle solidified into a crust which we now call lithosphere. This primitive crust of earth was…

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