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TRIPLE TALAQ: The Roots Lies In The History -Essay

Triple Talaq or ‘Talaq-ul-Biddat’, the most controversial issue at hand is at the mercy of the Constitutional Bench of the Supreme Court comprising of 5 judges of different religions. On one hand the challenge put forward is the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court itself, as to whether the courts of law can challenge the validity […]

People’s Movement for Interlinking of Indian Rivers

In recent days news on Farmer’s suicide has become a routine affair. This is because of monsoon failure or floods. Sometimes they don’t get the support from the Government on prices of the commodities they produce or it may also be due to the failure on the part of the Government in not providing facilities […]

Essay on Socialism: Definitions, Development, Arguments and Criticisms

It is difficult to say what socialism is, because socialism emerged as s sharp reaction to individualism. It is a political philosophy as well as a great movement. In socialism, economic principles and logic have amalgamated with the political principles in such a manner that it has become extremely difficult to separate them. Secondly, the […]

7 Criticisms against Dictatorship – Explained!

Since Dictatorship is a common term which can be used to describe all types of authoritarian regimes, we are discussing it in detail. Dictatorship is a form of government in which the ruler exercises unlimited or excessive authority. Its alternative name is Autocracy.

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