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What is Trading Blocks ?

The group of countries that strives for cooperation among nations and are concerned with discriminatory removal of all trade restrictions between the participating nations and evolving of certain elements of….

What are the duties of Export Manager ?

The duties  performed by the export manager are like Procurement of export order, Planning for export order execution, Direction for exports, Export order execution, Reprogramming ….

What is the role of an Export Manager ?

Export manager plays a key role in the conduct of export business. The traditional management structures with functional classification (Purchases, marketing, finance, accounts, administration etc) cannot ensure …

What is Export Marketing Plan ?

An export marketing plan is step-by-step guide to strategy implementation. It addresses strategic issues and outlines the corresponding operational actions to be taken. It specifies targets for such step. The plan should….

What is the importance of Foreign trade ?

Foreign trade is recognized the world over as one of the most significant determinants of economic development of country. Economic development requires an increase in the stock of wealth producing resources…

How exporter can become a better negotiator ?

An exporter should concentrate on the following aspects to be a better negotiator and be fully prepared for negotiations like understand the requirement of the buyers, Assess the state of competition facing the product…

Export Management : Role and functions of Export manager

In simple terms, export management is the application of managerial process to the functional area of exports. It is a form of management which is required to bring about coordination and integration of all those involved in an export business…

What are trading blocks and what are its types ?

In the present day international trade scenario, trading blocs representing various forms of economic integration have a profound impact on the nature of competitiveness in the export markets. Economic integration is a state of affairs…

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