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Importance of maps and charts in teaching of geography are as follows

In this chapter some topics which occupy an important place in teaching of geography are taken up. Some of these topics have been dealt with in the chapter on ‘teaching aids in geography’ but because of their importance they are taken up again in this chapter in a detailed manner.

Limitations of essay type tests in geography

These tests have low validity, low reliability and are less com­prehensive. Discussing about the weaknesses of this type of tests Ross remarks, “The essay overrates the importance of knowing how to say a thing and under-rates the importance of having something to say”.

7 important criteria for conducting a good examination in geography

Though a variety of tests are available to test the functional under­standing of the child but for true assessment of such aspects of growth as the elements of reflective thinking, scientific attitudes, resource­fulness, creativeness or such other objectives or interests we require more precise and accurate instruments of evaluation.

Importance of evaluation in geography are as follows:

Once a teacher has a clear idea of what she will teach and how she will teach it, she is concerned with knowing to what extent children learn from her lessons. This chapter will deal with specific procedures for evaluating the effectiveness of geography teaching-learning.

Why regular inspection of a geography department is essential?

A regular inspection of geography department is essential for its efficient running. A thorough inspection should be carried out at least once a year. The inspection is carried out by a team which must include at least one expert in geography.

Place of a teacher in teaching of geography

In geography teaching, teacher occupies a very important place. Geography is a subject that involves observation and collection of data and in such a subject the role of teacher becomes very important. Geography is a art as well a science.

What are the main qualifications needed for becoming a good geography teacher?

The success or failure of a geography course rests mainly with the teacher. He may be provided with all the possible facilities in terms of laboratory, apparatus and equipment, given an ideal syllabus and a sufficient time for teaching of geography but unless he is enthusiastic about his work, knows the subject and really knows […]

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