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What is lithosphere? – Explained!

The solid component of the earth is called lithosphere. It consists of three parts: crust, mantle and core.

What are the devices used for Controlling particulate/flue gas emissions?

The most effective method of controlling air pollution is definitely to prevent the formation of air pollutants or to reduce their emission at the source itself. This can be achieved by using pure grade materials, modifying the process of formation, as well as the technologies.

Essay on greenhouse effects

We are very familiar with the term ‘Global warming’. What does this mean? What is it’s consequence on life on earth? Which materials are responsible for this? All these will be discussed here.

What is the importance of global temperature model?

Climate is the average weather of a place as determined by temperature and various meteorological conditions such as precipitation, wind, glaciations and also by the frequency of extreme events such as typhoons, hurricanes, etc. The most important attribute of climate change is however the variations in temperature.

3 important non-renewable or exhaustible resources

These resources neither have a life-cycle nor can be recycled, for example, mineral deposits, soil, fossil fuels like coal and petrol once used cannot be regenerated and are exhaustible, as their deposits are limited.

Comprehensive Information about the Ecology and Development

The Industrial Revolution changed the lives of people in Europe in a most dramatic way. It brought them from the countryside to the city in search of jobs; it changed their life patterns, created new tastes and recreations. Most significantly, it saw the organization of production of goods on a scale never known before.

What were the various stages of imperialism?

The Ottoman Empire, China under the Ming’s and India under the Mughals were at the same stage of development. They suffered from one major drawback, however, and that was their domination by a centralized authority which did not provide conditions conducive to intellectual growth.

What are the reasons behind rising of consumer movement and material politics?

Those who were worried about the way manufacturers and the market could draw the consumer into a net that ensnared him in different ways-both making him buy goods he did not really “want” and also providing him with shoddy goods- quickly sought to set up bodies that would prevent this.

How has progress of modernity led to the awareness towards ecological issue?

State takeover of forests and the harnessing of forest resources for industrial development had its effect on the nature of the forest. Often, mixed forests had to give way to monoculture stands of species like pines, which were more suitable for construction and industrial needs.

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