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Useful notes on the Panchayat Samiti

The Panchayat Samiti is the intermediate tier in the Panchayati Raj system. In different States, the Panchayat Samiti have been given different names. Madhya Pradesh calls them the Janapada Panchayats, Assam the Anchalik Panchayats, Tamil Nadu the Panchayat Union Council and U.P. the Kshetra Samitis.

Short notes on inductive method in teaching geography

In this method one is led from concrete to abstract, particular to general. In this method we prove a universal law by showing that if it is true in a particular case it is also true in other similar cases.

6 important physiological effects of noise pollution

Such effects by noise depend upon the pressure and frequency. As is known, a sound of 65 (dBA) is the noise level for conversation heard at a distance of one meter. Sound of 110 (dBA) gives discomfort and 135 (dBA) is painful and 150 (dBA) might kill a person.

2 types of sound waves (Transverse waves & Longitudinal waves)

The waves in which each particle of the medium executes vibrations about its mean position and is perpendicular to the direction of the waves are called transverse waves. For example, the waves generated in a pond when a stone is thrown, all electromagnetic waves, stretched string of sitar, violin, etc.

Short notes on the process for formation of soil

The process involving the origin, development and formation of soil is known as pedogenesis. For millions of years there was continuous breaking of rocks into small particles due to heat, rain and wind.

What are the main uses of pesticides?

Chemicals which prevent, destroy or mitigate any pest (insects, fungus, bacteria, viruses, etc.) are called pesticides. Pesticides are classified on the basis of (i) chemical structure (ii) biological action (iii) class of pests they combat.

Notes on the Importance of mercury as toxic metal

Importance of mercury as toxic metal came into limelight after the incidence of Minamata disease in Japan (1953-1960). At Minamata Bay in Japan many people lost their lives, many were permanently crippled and babies born to mothers consuming the mercury contaminated fish were genetically defective.

3 important causes of temperature inversion

During the day, the sun heats the earth and air near it. At night, the ground and the air near it cool faster than that high up, creating an inversion. This is more prominent in winter.

Short notes on global energy balance

The rate, at which the earth and its atmosphere receive energy from space, is equal to the rate at which energy is being returned to space and is known as ‘global energy balance’.

Short notes for students on eco-system

Thermodynamically, a system is any part of the universe separated from the rest by a well-defined boundary. Likewise, a living organism has a boundary, the skin.

Short notes on the concept of total war

Total war is a war limitless in its scope in which a belligerent engages in the mobilization of all their available resources, in order to render beyond use their rival’s capacity for resistance.

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