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Brief Notes on Migration Statistics of World Population

The number of Mexicans who died trying to cross illegally into the United States from 1993 to 1996 is 1,185 according to Worldwatch Institute. The approximate number of people who died trying to cross the Berlin Wall from 1961 to 1989 is 100, according to the Institute.

What is World Population Density Pattern?

Some geographers identify two density divisions: ecumene, referring to the inhabited areas of the world; and non-ecumene, referring to the uninhabited or very sparsely inhabited areas.

How Population Density is Measured?

The density of population is an expression of the ratio between population and a given unit of size, It may be assessed in various ways and using various techniques:

What is Aspects of Popoluation Density?

Density is the degree of compaction in a population; the degree of proximity between people: the closeness of persons living on a given surface, the spatial balance of their social and economic assets.

What are the Various Methods used for Census?

De facto methods: A de facto census is one that counts all persons as residents of the place they happen to be at the time the census is taken. In practice, de facto censuses are conducted in such a way that most people are counted in the places they usually live, but not always.

What are the Sources of Demographic Data?

i. Primary sources of the demographic data are the census, the surveys, the registrations, migration reports, estimates and projections of which the census continues to be the most important single source of basic data for population geographers.

What is a histogram? How do we draw it?

It consists of a number of rectangles, those are vertically adjacent. Class intervals are taken on X-axis and frequencies on Y-axis. Rectangles are formed of the height proportionate to their frequencies.

Graphic Presentation of Data

A graph refers to the plotting of different valves of the variables on a graph paper which gives the movement or a change in the variable over a period of time.

Diagrammatic Presentation of Data

Although tabulation is very good technique to present the data, but diagrams are an advanced technique to represent data.

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