How to Restore Database in Micorsoft SQL Server 2005 ?

If we have already taken our Microsoft SQL Server database backup then we are now bit safe and lucky than others. But if we don’t know the procedure to restore the backup database then simply God knows our future. I have written my last post about the significance and procedure of taking regular database backups. After that when I tried to restore the so taken backup in my personal laptop then things went wrong and I was confused! So let me shared the exact process to restore database in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 as I just learned hours before.

Farewell old friend–time to say goodbye to SQL Server 2005 ...

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Database restore process:-

  • Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio in Administrative mode.
  • Right click on the SQL Server Database folder and then click on the Restore Database option.
  • A new Restore database window will open.
  • Select or type the name of a new or existing database for your restore operation in the To Database text/combo box.
  • Specify the source and location of backup sets to restore in the From Database combo box.
  • Else select the From Device option and browse you backup database.
  • Now if asked, select the restore option button from the below given list box.
  • Again if asked, go to option page (Select option page) and select the overwrite the existing database option.
  • Click on Ok. And wait for the below message.
  • Msgbox “The restore of database ‘test’ completed successfully.”
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