How to take complete database backup in Microsoft SQL Server 2005?

Never even in dreams compare the significance of regular database backup with time, energy and money. It’s a true factor that if all the information availed in the Internet will be somehow deleted either by deadly virus, hackers or aliens then we will be definitely go back to The Stone Age without even the invention of time machine. I don’t want to remembers that particular incident, when due to my negligence and lack of experience in taking regular backups of my software and database system, I suffered a lost that could have devastated by entire career. Let me share my new experience in taking complete database backup in Microsoft SQL server 2005.

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Procedure for taking complete database backup:- goes like this

  • Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio in Administrative mode.
  • Click and expand the SQL Server Database Folder.
  • Now right click on the database which you want to take backup.
  • From the mouse popup menu – click on Tasks – > Backup..
  • A new windows Backup database window will open.
  • Select the database name from the Database combo box.
  • Select the type of Backup from the Backup type combo box.
  • Enter/edit the backup name of the database
  • Now set the destination path of the database backup.
  • Now clicks on the below given Ok button.
  • Note that after the execution process you see the backup completed message.

Advice: Great men have said that “Take regular database backup otherwise get ready to go back to The Stone Age because life is not just as simple as we think.”

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