SQL Server – incompatibility issue with Windows Vista.

Well the bitter side of Windows Vista is that it is highly incompatible with any version of SQL server. Vista and SQL server belongs to the same company Microsoft. So the question is, why Microsoft have launched windows vista without checking it’s compatibility with SQL server? The issues is not just a thing to be neglected because thousands of software developers have to take a lot of trouble adjusting with all the latest version of the Microsoft software’s along with it’s pitfalls. The good news is that one of the versions of SQL server seems to be compatible with the latest version of Windows Vista and that is SQL Server 2005 express edition with service pack 2(SP2).


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Compatibility checking of SQL server with Windows Vista.

SQL Server 7.0 – Incompatibly with windows vista.

SQL Server 2000 – Incompatibly with windows vista.

SQL Server 2000 developer edition – Also incompatible with windows vista.


SQL server 2005 – Seems to be partially compatibly with windows vista. Because it runs in Windows Vista only after SQL server service pack 2 (SP2) is being installed in the system.

What you guys have to say on this?

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