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The decade of 90’s has witnessed the emergency of the new world economic order, with globalization being widely accepted as the basic paradigm for economic development of the countries. The developments in the field of information technology and communications, policy shifts in favor of market economy and liberalization of trade and investment regimes have facilitated the process of globalization of international business.

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This process has been further strengthened by the introduction of the rule-based multilateral trading system by the Uruguay round i.e, the latest round of international trade negotiations. This system provides for predictable market access to all the member countries. The countries have agreed, among other things, for the reduction in import tariffs and removal of non-tariff barriers. As a consequence, there is wide-ranging application of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties by the importing countries to face the threat of ever increasing international trade competition. The growing concern for the protection of environment has also influenced the course of international trade flows.

The government has to provide the facilitating environment in terms of policies and the required infrastructure for growth in exports. The business sector, on the other hand, must achieve the growth targets by using effective business strategies and policies in the highly competitive international trade environment. Needless to say, emphasis on professionalism and higher productivity standards would constitute the basic elements of sound strategy in exports business. It is in this context that export management – system, policies and procedures – would provide the much needed inputs to the export firms. This would also enable the export firms to conduct their business profitably.


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List of Important Books

  1. International Marketing and Export Management (6th Edition) by Gerald Albaum and Edwin Duerr
  2. Import/Export For Dummies by John J. Capela
  3. Export Management by P.K Khurana
  4. Managing Exports: Navigating the Complex Rules, Controls, Barriers, and Laws by Frank Reynolds
  5. Export-Import Theory, Practices, and Procedures by Belay Seyoum
  6. Mastering Import and Export Management by Thomas A. Cook
  7. Global Management: Strategic and Interpersonal by Helen Deresky
  8. The Art of Chinese Management: Theory, Evidence and Applications by Kai-Alexander Schlevogt
  9. Global Marketing Management: A Casebook by John A. Quelch
  10. Export Import Management (Oxford Higher Education) by Justin Paul and Rajiv Aserkar
  11. Building an Import/Export Business by Kenneth D. Weiss
  12. Import/Export: How to Take Your Business Across Borders by Carl Nelson
  13. Start Your Own Import/Export Business by Entrepreneur Press
  14. Building an Import/Export Business by Kenneth D. Weiss
  15. Market Entry Strategies: Text, Cases And Readings In Market Entry Management by Christoph Lymbersky
  16. Start Your Own Import/Export Business, Third Edition (Start Your Own…) by Krista Turner and Entrepreneur Press
  17. Export Practice and Management by Alan E. Branch
  18. The Politics of CANDU Exports (IPAC Series in Public Management and Governance) by Duane Bratt
  19. Growth Through Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Management of Technology) by Tarek Khalil, Maximilian von Zedtwitz, Georges Haour, and Louis A. Lefebvre
  20. Global Marketing Management (7th Edition) by Warren J. Keegan
  21. Principles of Management in Export: The Institute of Export by James Conlan
  22. The Arms Export Challenge: Cooperative Approaches to Export Management and Defense Conversion (Brookings Occasional Papers) by Kevin P. O’Prey
  23. Global Marketing and Export Management by Claudio Vignali and Demetris Vrontis
  24. Japanese Cost Management (Series on Technology Management) by Yasuhiro Monden
  25. The Ultimate Guide to Export Management by Thomas A. Cook
  26. Fulfilling the Export Potential of Small and Medium Firms by Brian Levy, Albert Berry, and Jeffrey B. Nugent
  27. Principles of International Physical Distribution (Principle of Export Guidebooks) by Jim Sherlock
  28. Import/Export Documentation by Alan E. Branch
  29. Profitable Export Marketing by Marta Ortiz-Buonafina
  30. How to Open & Operate a Finanacially Successful Import Export Business: With Companion CD-ROM by Maritza Manresa
  31. Principles of International Trade (Import – Export): The first step toward globalization by Chase Rhee
  32. Entrepreneur Magazine: Starting an Import/Export Business by Entrepreneur Magazine
  33. Export/Import Procedures and Documentation (Export/Import Procedures & Documentation) by Thomas E. Johnson
  34. How to Start an Import/Export Business (Entrepreneur Magazine’s Audio Guides) by Entrepreneur Press
  35. International Marketing and Export Management with International Business by ALBAUM and Rugman
  36. Principles of Classification: Export & Import by Clement Key
  37. Export Management: An International Context by Michael R. Czinkota and George Tesar
  38. Practical Export Management by Chris J. Noonan
  39. United Kingdom Management Plan for Exports and Imports of Waste by Great Britain
  40. Quality Management in Pakistan’s Export-Orientated Industries by Mahnaz Fatima
  41. Practical Export Marketing (Management Studies) by Ken Wainwright
  42. Elements of Export Marketing and Management by Alan E. Branch
  43. Export Credit: The Effective and Profitable Management of Export Credit and Finance by Herbert Edwards
  44. Getting Paid for Exports: A Guide to More Profitable Management of Export Credit and Finance by Burt Edwards
  45. Revenue Management Export by Robert Cross
  46. Essentials of Export Marketing (Ama Management Briefing) by Peter B. Fitzpatrick
  47. Export manager: guide to export marketing and management by Morris Ng
  48. Export Management by B. M. Wali and A. B. Kalkundrikar
  49. Encyclopaedia of Export Management by A.K. Chaudhary
  50. An Introduction to Export Management  (Unknown Binding – 1997)
  51. Export Management by Kumar Gosh
  52. Macro-economic Issues in Export Management  (Unknown Binding – 1992)
  53. Export Management  (Unknown Binding – 1997)
  54. Export Management ; Strategies in Developing Economy  (Unknown Binding – 1992)
  55. Export Management  (Unknown Binding – 1998)
  56. Silk Production and Export Management: Silkman’s Companion for the New Millennium by T.D. Koshy
  57. Fundamentals of Export Management: Changes and Continuity by Mitlesh
  58. Export Management by Dinesh Tomar
  59. Introduction to export management by Laurence Phillips Dowd
  60. A guide to export pricing.: An article from: Industrial Management by Michael Kublin
  61. International Marketing &Export Management 2008 publication by EdwinDuerr
  62. Mastering Import &Export Management – 2004 publication by ThomasACook;RennieAlston;KellyRaia
  63. International Marketing and Export Management by EdwinDuer
  64. Export Credit Agencies: The Unsung Giants of International Trade and Finance by Delio E. Gianturco
  65. Export Savvy: From Basics to Strategy by Erdener Kaynak and Zak Karamally
  66. Chinese Business Enterprise: Critical Perspectives on Business and Management by Raj Brown
  67. Encyclopedia of Japanese Business and Management by Allan Bird
  68. Keys to Starting an Export Business (Barron’s Business Keys) by Claude M. Jonnard
  69. The Handbook of International Trade: A Guide to the Principles and Practice of Export (Global Market Briefings) by Jim Sherlock and Jonathan Reuvid
  70. Export Coal Logistics: Management, Models, and Moving Coal by W. G. Waters and Dean H. Uyeno
  71. Principles of International Marketing (Institute of Export) by Julia Spencer
  72. Physical Distribution For Export; (A Gower Press special study) by Douglas Tookey
  73. Sustaining export credit; Export Credit Agencies must adapt to the new world of renewable energy. (Economics).: An article from: Energy by Kate Hampton
  74. Avoid pitfalls when export pricing.(Brief Article): An article from: Northern Ontario Business by Graham Clayton
  75. Downside of export ignorance.: An article from: Northern Ontario Business by Graham Clayton
  76. Freight forwarder is key to exports.: An article from: Wines & Vines by Bob Herndon
  77. Take another look at export markets.: An article from: Wines & Vines by Rene Rondeau
  78. Exporting.(Checklist 169): An article from: Chartered Management Institute: Checklists: Marketing Strategy
  79. Digging in on foreign soil: trench It Industries has learnt many export lessons in the past two years and the future’s looking bright. By Patricia Moore.(PROFILE)(Tren… … overview): An article from: NZ Business by Patricia Moore
  80. Principles of International Trade and Payments (Institute of Export) by Peter D. Briggs
  81. Export Import by Joseph A. Zodl
  82. Inside The World’s Export Credit Agencies by William A. Delphos
  83. Export Sales & Marketing Manual 2007 (Export Sales and Marketing Manual) by John R. Jagoe
  84. International Marketing Management (Studies in marketing management) by J. M. Livingstone
  85. The Global Marketing Management System by Basil J. Janavaras
  86. The Export-Import Bank at Fifty: The International Environment and the Institution’s Role by Rita M. Rodriguez
  87. Export Credit Financing Systems in Oecd Member and Non-Member Countries by Organisation for Economic Co-
  88. Operation and Development Export-Import Basics: The Legal, Financial & Transport Aspects of International Trade (ICC Publication) by Guillermo C. Jiménez
  89. Sources and Management of Export Finance. by William Willson Syrett
  90. Management of Export Marketing  (Unknown Binding – 2002)
  91. Management of Export Marketing  (Unknown Binding – 1993)
  92. Management of Export Marketing by V. Mohod
  93. Guide to Export-Import Basics (Publication (International Chamber of Commerce), No 641.) by International Chamber of Commerce
  94. Global Marketing Management by Mike (Masaaki) Kotabe and Kristiaan Helsen
  95. Asian Exports by Dilip K. Das
  96. The Export Marketing Imperative by Michael R. Czinkota, Ilkka A. Ronkainen, and Marta Ortiz-Buonafina
  97. Principles of Law Relating to Overseas Trade (Institute of Export) by Nicholas Kouladis
  98. Getting Started in Export (Business Enterprise) by Roger Bennett
  99. Global Marketing Management: A European Perspective by Warren J. Keegan and Bodo Schlegelmilch
  100. Global Marketing Management: A Strategic Perspective by Brian Toyne and Peter G.P. Walters
  101. International Marketing Management by Erdener Kaynak
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