15 most essential qualities of an entrepreneurs

1. Initiative.

It refers to the entrepreneur has to initiates a new idea initiates a business activity.

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2. Looking for opportunities:

An enterprising entrepreneur is always on the look out for opportunities, as and when these arise and have to avail these opportunities for profit earning.

3. Information seeker:

He is always searching for the information from all quarters in his pursuit of reaching business goals. Entrepreneur has to attain valuable information regarding the market trend, demand position competitors, policies, taste, preferences of customers, technological changes etc.

4. Persistence.


He is not cowed down by failures and believes in “Try Try again”. He has to work even in adverse situation.

5. Quality conscious:

He has a strong urge to excel to beat the existing standards. He pays due consideration to improve the quality of product and supply to customers at reasonable rates.

6. Commitment to work:

He is prepared to put in everything, at his command, for accomplishing his goal. A committed entrepreneur will get the height of success later or sooner.

7. Efficiency seeker:

He is to make an earnest effort for completing the desired task and that too within minimum cost and time. He has to install new technology and technique to improve the efficiency.

8. Proper planner:


He is firm believer in meticulous planning and proper execution for the attainment of desired goals. He plans his activities very carefully in light of opportunities, treats strong and week points.

9. Problem solver:

He is all time busy in finding out ways and means for tiding over his difficult times. He has to solve the enterprise’s problem creatively and innovating ways.

10. Self confidence:

He has full confidence on his strengths and abilities. He has faith in himself then he cans faith on others.

11. Assertive:

He is ready to put his firm foot ahead for promotion of interests of his venture.

12. Persuasive:


He has convincing ability and can make people do what he wants them to do. He must have a communication quality.

13. Efficient monitor:

He keeps an eye over the work thereby ensuring that everything happens the way he wants that it should happen.

14. Employees well-wisher:

He is ready to undertake all necessary measures aimed at promoting welfare of workers, working in his enterprise.

15. Effective strategist:

He is out to devise most effective strategies aimed at promoting the objectives of his enterprise.

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