4 essays on Taking risks vs. planning

Essay/Article – 1

Once upon time, a man pleaded a piece of land from a tribe chief. The chief gave the man a pole and told him that if he could insert the pole in a place from which he could come back before the sunset, the land between tribe station and the pole would belong to him. The man was so greedy that he exhausted to death on the way back. From this story we can see that although the man had his goal and action, he had no plan. A good plan is essential for success. It can quantify the task and make it possible for a man to arrange his time effectively.

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First, by means of planning a man quantifies his task. He divides his final target into several periodic ones. Thus, he could average the pressure and see his progress during each period. A good plan encourages a man to fulfill his destination positively rather than passively. Actually, all successful people have their careful plans. For example, an excellent student must have a study schedule that include how to learn new knowledge and how to review old contents; an outstanding businessman needs a rational marketing plan that defines the best avenues to reach his target customers and then assigns a reasonable budget to his efforts. If one could execute his periodic targets successfully every time, he could easily achieve his ultimate target. More significantly, during this process a man will acquire a lot of qualifies that are essential to success.

Secondly, the advantage of good planning is that one can dispose his time and energy more effectively. It occurs very often in life that one should do a lot of things simultaneously. To take care of his children, to work, to spend enough time with his family and friends, only by a careful planning can a man accomplish his several targets in a short time.


Let us come back to the former story. If the man were a coward he would always fear that he could not come back before the sunset. The answer must be the he got much less than what he could have. Therefore, success, to some extent, needs risk. But I think a careful plan is more important because it changes success into a routine and it helps a man use his time more effectively.

Essay/Article – 2

According to the words of Salustius “One is a creator of his own fate.” Some people believe that success in life always comes unexpectedly and that’s why it is only due to taking risks or chances. On the other hand, others are more inclined to planning their own lives. In my opinion, planning is the better approach for one who strives for success in life because it gives him an assurance in his future success and makes it possible for one to use his time more efficiently and to be more cautions regarding the difficulties that may appear on the way to success.

Success in life comes from careful planning and hard-working. To plan means to pursue some aim and to be confident that it will come sometime inevitably. In this way, once acquires a bigger faith in his own abilities and become more urgent in pursuing that aim.

Another important priority of planning is that one can predict some of the difficulties that may arise during the work and in this way he can better prepared for them. For instance if one desires to gain a better assignment within his office he must clarify his aim and plan everything in advance before taking great pains in pursing it.


Other advantage of planning is that one can dispose of his time in the most appropriate way in order to fulfill everything that is related to his view of success. It occur very often in life that one should do a lot of things concomitantly – to look after his children, to work, to spend enough time with his dears and relatives , to find time for rest, etc. Thus only careful planning can make it possible for one to complete many tasks in a short time.

Of course, both careful planning and mere taking risks have their strong and weak points but the former is more likely since it gives one more confidence in future success in his work, it helps one to overcome every impediment more easily and use him time in full value.

Essay/Article – 3

Every day, new businesses are created. Some of these businesses will succeed, but many will fall by the wayside. Some ventures may be on shaky ground at the start, but with perseverance and careful planning, they will prevail in the end. Hopefully a careful plan will not lead to a surprise but rather an expected result and success.

There is a tide in the affairs of men
Which, taken at the flood, leads on the fortune
Omitted, all voyage of their life
Is bound in shadows and in miseries.
By Shakespeare


Admittedly, chance can sometimes help a man to succeed. But on the other hand, not everyone will have such luck. How can a businessman who succeeds by taking risks sustain his dealing with his business when he is suddenly out of luck? Most likely, there company will be out of business if they have not made an all-rounded plan.

Nevertheless, chance favors a prepared mind. The opportunity is equal to all the people. The key to success is not waiting for a chance, but seizing it. Obviously, careful planning will guide a man definitely, from which, he cannot only find a destination and prevent him from aimlessness, but also assist him to grip the chances on his way to success. For instance, an entrepreneur should understand the power of a cautious plan which may help him define his business concepts, estimate costs, predict sales, control risks, and even increase the chances of succeeding. The plan may tell him what he should do and how to do it. Going into business without a plan is just having an expedition in the extensive ocean without a compass.

In the second place, a comprehensive plan is also a reliable backup. Although the original plan is followed, suffering may come for some unpredictable occasions. In that way, a well-considered plan that mentions all the possibilities can be very helpful.

From what has been discussed above, chances and taking risks may be unavoidable, but success results primarily from careful planning. A comprehensive schedule, similar to guide in explorations, is a necessity for achievement.

Essay/Article – 4

Gorge Barton, the famous American general in the Second World War, was well-known for his bold plan and his ability to grasp chances to strike the enemy in an unexpected way. However, few people know that Barton was also very careful with the battle plans, taking into consideration all the details and making preparation for any sort of accidents. I think in a modern society success often comes from taking risks or chances, but careful planning is vital for us to attain our goals.

No matter what good ideas or big ambition we have, we need to make careful plans in which every step is to be considered. Otherwise, these ideas or ambition will remain “something in the air” which may never be realized. In China, a person who likes to take risks and is hasty in making his decisions is often criticized by others as one who is bold and immature. From early childhood, we are encouraged to take careful considerations before doing nay thing important.

Confucius, the ancient Chinese scholar, told his disciples that he would think it over for many times before making any decision. However, on the other hand, in today’s fast changing world, we should try to find new ways and come up with new ideas in our work. If we are contented with what we have and always follow the same routine every day, we may face the risk of being surpassed by others.

As an old Chinese saying goes, “a wise man should have a careful mind as well as a bold spirit.” In order to achieve success, we should not be afraid of taking risks and try to grasp chances, but at the same time our efforts must be based on careful planning.

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