4 Essential Duties of the Police

The essential duties of the Police are 1. Investigation, 2. Law and Order, 3. Protection of women and children, 4. Development of the Country.

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Essential Duties

1. Investigation

Police, Prosecutors, Advocates and Judges are part of the parcels of the criminal administration. The Indian Panal Code, 1986 reveals the offences, their nature, illustrations, and punishments of those offences. The Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 states the procedure of the conducting those cases before the Courts, and there hierarchy. There are two different types of offences – cognizable offences and non-cognizable offences. Murder, dowry death, theft, rape etc., are cognizable offences. Assault, forger, cheating, adultery, etc. are the non-cognizable. The victim or his relative is not entitled to sue the accused for cognizable offences. The State is only entitled to investigate the crime.

2. Law and Order

It is the essential duty of the police to look after the law and order in the society. It is the duty entrusted by the oldest jurisprudence and has been continuing till today. The police have to superintendent the criminals, suspicions, probable offenders and to keep an eye on them. The police only can reduce the violence in the society.

3. Protection of Women and Children


In any society, the women and children are weak in physique. They are exploited by the men in several ways. It is the duty of the police to protect the women and children. NI a poor country, like India, there are several discrimination between the man and women. Our society is male dominated. It is the least duty of the police to protect the women and children.

4. Development of the Country

The country economically develops where peace, Law and Order are maintained in good manners. The foreign investors like to invest their money and technology in those countries, where the peace is prevailed. A good and stable police system helps the country in achieving moral and physical health and economic prosperous.

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