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Microsoft, realizing that ASP does possess some significant shortcomings, developed ASP.NET. ASP.NET is a set of component that provides developers with a framework with which to implement complex functionality. Two of the major improvements of over traditional ASP are scalability and availability. ASP.NET is scalable in that it provides state services that can be utilized to manage session variables across multiple web servers in a server farm. Additionally, ASP.NET possesses a high performance process model that can detect application failures and recover from them.

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Along with improved availability and scalability, ASP.NET provides the following additional benefits.

Simplified development


ASP.NET offers a very rich object model that developers can use to reduce the amount of code they need to write.

Language independence

ASP pages must be written with scripting. In other words, ASP pages must be written in a language that is interpreted rather than compiled. ASP.NET allows compiled languages to be used, providing better performance and cross-language compatibility.

Simplified deployment


With .NET components, deployment is as easy as copying a component assembly to its desired location.

Web Service

ASP.NET provides features that allow ASP.NET developers to effortlessly create Web services that can be consumed by any client that understands HTTP and XML, the de facto language for inter-device communication.

Probably one of the most intriguing features of ASP.NET is its integration with the .NET CLR. The CLR executes the code written for the .NET platform. The .NET compliers target the .NET runtime and generate intermediate language (IL) binary code (kind of like Java and byte code). The code generated by .NET compilers cannot be run directly on the processors because the generated code is not in, machine language.


During runtime, the .NET compliers convert this intermediate code to native machine code and that machine code is eventually run on the processors. Additionally, the .NET compliers also produce metadata that describes the code. The .NET runtime loads metadata information for performing different tasks like resolving methods calls, loading different dependent modules, marshalling data from one complied, effectively any language that is CLR complaint and can generate IL code can be used to write ASP.NET applications and components.

.NET offers many programmatic improvements and features, one of which is a new version of ActiveX data objects (ADO) called, not surprisingly, provides a suite of date handling and binding facilities. The Web is an inherently disconnected environment; a web application connects to a date source, manipulates the date, reconnects to the data-source, and updates the data. has been designed to work in a disconnect fashion, which increase data sharing. Additionally, ADO.Net treats data in a very loose, multidimensional, object-orientated way through a strongly typed object model. With ADO, all data is representations of data are called datasets. Iterating through, updating, and deleting related tables in a dataset is exceptional simple.

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