A Cold Day – Essay

Essay Introduction

It was 25th December. I got up at 7 am. I touched the quilt and found it cold and wet. I looked outside through the window glass. It was all foggy. I left my bed unwillingly.


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How I passed the day:


I covered my body completely with warm clothes- muffler, stocking and shoes. As I come out of my house, I found the day very cold and icy. Cold wind was blowing hard. Going for a walk was a difficult task. When I come on the read I found a dog lying dead. The grass was all white with frost. The earth seemed to be dead.

On the Canal:

I reached the canal. On both sides of if there were trees. They were also white with snow. The water in the pond bear the canal was frozen. There was perfect silence. Not a bird chirped and not wave rippled. It was a cold as could be. My nose was ice-cold. I began to shiver.

Still I stayed to complete my daily routine of morning walk. I was all alone.


A hut on the way:

I left the bank of the canal after staying there for a short time because batting cold and frosty weather did not permit me to spend more time in the open. At last I reached a hut. I peeped in. There somebody was moaning inside. The poor man was frozen that night. I had not time to see him carefully. I placed a five rupee note to his poor wife. I came back home.

How I spent the day at home:

As I entered the house, I heard a roar of laughter coming from the drawing room. Why were they laughing? Oh! This was the coldest day. It was a day to eat; drink, and make merry. Friends had gathered. The fire was burning in the furnace and dishes were being prepared. It was a holiday or the happiest day in the life of the rich men.



My friends chalked out a programme for visiting Mussorie for sight seeing. But amidst all this laughter and merry making I could not feel at home. My mind was still thinking of the hut where I had seen a dead man. I concluded that cold was the friend of rich but a moral enemy of the poor. This made me change my views on life.

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