A Day in the Life of a Bank Manager – Essay

There was time when the job of a bank manager was a much coveted job. The bank manager enjoyed a high social status and the designation of a “Bank manager” was a status symbol. Today things have changed, and a Bank manager is a much harassed individual. He fulfills his high responsibilities with practically no power and authority. Every day of his life is full of difficulties and the evening finds him tired, exhausted, wretched and miserable.


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The bank manager is invariably the first to arrive at the bank. He comes a few minutes even before ten o’clock, while the rest of the staff hardly turns up even by 10:30. The bank manager himself opens the shutters and enters the bank premises. The sweeper is then called to sweep the floor and also to dust the chair and tables, and keep the ledger etc. on the tables. During the time the bank is being swiped and cleaned, the manager opens the cash-room and if the head-cashier ha arrived by the time, the cash is counted and taken out. It is entrusted to the this time; the members of the staff begin to arrive. But they are in no hurry to commence work.

The poor manager then enters his office. Soon the people arrive to carry out their transactions. Everybody is in a hurry, but members of the staff are not in their respective seats. The public is annoyed. Hot discussions follow. Then there is a rush of complaints to the manager. He fails to concentrate on his work. He has to listen to the complaints of the people. He finds that the most of the complaints are genuine, but he is helpless. He has no power and authority to take action against any member of his staff. Besides the staff unions are all powerful. At the slightest cause, and sometimes without any cause, there is a strike and slogan, “Manager Moradabad“, is shouted repeatedly. The poor manager has to bear this humiliation, practically everyday of his life.


Not only that, the people fails to understand his difficulties. If their problems are not solved, or if action is not taken against the staff, he is considered to be weak and inefficient. He has to listen to the abuses and curses of the people also. He has to pocket insults from all quarters. Complaints to the higher authorities are made daily against him. Daily he receives letters demanding the explanation on some one count or the other. Much of his time is thus wasted in writing out letters of explanations. He points out his difficulties, but nobody cares for him and his problems. This goes on till it is lunch time. The staff stops work as soon as the clock strikes two, and is not back at its seats even by three in the afternoon. But the poor manager has to forego even his lunch. Either he remains seating in his office to complete his work, or there are visitors who cannot be ignored.

All this continues till five p.m. exactly at five the staff stops work and leaves from home. The banking hours are over, but the Bank Manager is still on his seat. He continues to work. He completes the work, which others have not done or left half-done or incomplete. Often he was to work, till it is nightfall. Then he returns to his home, with no time and energy left for his wife and children. He takes his food and then retires for the night. Early the next morning, he has to face the same old routine and the same humiliation and misery.

Such a typical day in the life of Bank Manager. He must enjoy more power and authority, to make his life bearable.

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