A Dialogue between two friends discussing a football match

A Dialogue between two friends discussing a football match.

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Prabir-Hello! Samir, I didn’t see you I the field. Where had you been?

Samir- I was watching the game from the western side. I hope you enjoy it, Prabir.


Prabir-Oh, yes I did. It was a keenly contested game. There was excitement all through. Wasn’t it?

Samir- Yes, you’re right. Until the game was over it was difficult to forecast which party would win. The last minute goal by our center-forward was quite unexpected.

Prabir- Yes, I too thought the game would end in a draw.

Samir- their goalie had all along played wonderfully well. It’s hardly possible to save such a shot from near the goal.


Prabir- Our forwards were stranger.

Samir- Yes, but their defense also played well. Their centre-forward missed a nice chance when their right winger passed the ball to him.

Prabir- It was a very critical moment for our team. Luckily, our stopper rushed to the spot and kicked the ball away well before their centre-forward could get to it.

Samir- On the whole it was a clean game. There was no foul charge on either side.


Prabir- The referee’s decisions also were quite just. There was nothing to complain against them.

Samir- We’ve won the cup. We’ll have a holiday. Isn’t it?

Prabir- We ought to.

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