A Dramatic Performance in Our School – Essay


On the occasion of annual functions the Student Union decided to stage a drama. The choice of play fell upon me. Within three days I wrote it and named it. “The Struggle of a Boy”.

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The Selection of Actors:

After the writing of the play, the problem of selection of actors arose. Our music teacher took this work in his hand. He selected me for the role of the hero. He chose other senior students for other characters. Shir Raj supervised the whole show.

The Publicity of the Play:

Three days before the date of the drama, the publicity began. We hired a rickshaw for three days. The students took round of the town speaking on loud speaker. Big posters, prepared by our art teacher, were posted at public places. The principal issues invitation cards to the guardian of the students.

The Beginning of the Performance:


Exactly at 6:30 P.M. the first bell rang. The hall was full of guest. The volunteers were helping finding out their seats. The crowd filled our hearts with pride. As the second bell rang, the Principal went up to the dais. He made a brief speech requesting the people not to judge the performance critically. On his request our manager performed the opening ceremony. The curtain arose and the drama began.

The First Scene:

In the first scene a boy of six years old was wandering in the streets of a village. He ran behind some villagers. He was weeping and calling “O Father O Mother” Following the villagers he reached a city. He stopped in front of a shop weeping bitterly. The shop keeper took pity on him. He called him in and asked about his whereabouts. He was to impressed by his innocent face that he kept in him shop for his help.

Story of the Play:

In another scene people clapped loudly at the sight of the boy holding his book in his left hand and doing the work with his right hand. With the help of customers the boy learned different subjects. His efforts to learn bore fruit.

After the interval the boy took permission of his foster father to take up the examination in the village school. Lo! The boy topped the list of the successful candidates. The D.I.O.S. took him with him for further studies. The boy passed all the examination of the school and college with credit. He got first class in M.A. Examination. The Principal of the college employed in the same college.



At twelve the drama came to a close. The principal requite the judges to announce the result. The first prize was given to the D.I.O.S. for his helping attitude. The hero got second prize for his third of learning and sincere efforts. The third prize was awarded to the shopkeeper. With the prize in my hand I left the hall for my house.

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