A Festival in My School – Essay

Essay Introduction:

Every school should hold festivals for the benefits of students. The school festivals have their won utility. They keep family atmosphere in schools. They make school life more suitable to students. When the students assemble to celebrate the festival, they learn how to conduct meetings and how to speak before the gathering. My school celebrates Krishna Janamashtmi festival yearly.

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The Preparations:

The days before the beginning of the Janmastami holiday an order was circulated that the school would celebrate Krishnak’s birthday. All the local boys were asked to take part in it. The school made great preparations. The music teacher prepared a few students to sing songs in the occasion. The Hindi teacher noted down the names of those who wished to speak on Lord Krishna’s life. The art teacher painted a portrait of Lord Krishna. A small stage was made in the hall. The drama was prepared by a small group of boys.

Description of the Festival:

The festival began after the noon. The visitors to come 2 P.M all were putting on kurta and dhoti. The function began at 4 P.M. First of all three small children recited a prayer to Lord Krishna. They requested him to come again in the land of Aryans to save the country and cows from the ruin. Then began the elocution contest, near about twenty boys took part in it. They threw light on the deeds of Lord Krishna. All the speakers tried to tell that Lord Krishna was born to set the wrong doers right.

Songs Competition and Short Dramas:


After the contest the song competition began. Many boys and girls sang good songs. The music teacher and Krishna Murhy played on harmonium and tabla. The visitors praised the tone of songs.

Then the short dramas were started. Three short dramas were staged on the dais. The first drama was “Krishna and Sudama”. The second drama was Gita which Lord Krishna taught to Arjuna on the battle field. Both the dramas proved to be very interesting. The last drama was played on “The closing years of Lord Krishna. It was very much liked by all the people. In the end speeches were made. The students, teachers and outsiders made good speeches on the Birth of Lord Krishna.

The President’s Speech:

In the end the president made a short speech. He praised the work of boys. He threw light on the principles of politics taught by Krishna. Within fifteen minutes he discussed the points which were left by the other speakers.


When the function was over sweets were distributed among the boys and visitors. The little boys were very happy. The function took three hours. We left the hall with packets of sweets. On the way to home light showers overtook us. I did not care for the clothes and enjoyed the showers to my fill.

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