A Journey by Bullock Cart – Essay

Essay Introduction:

A bullock cart is the slowest means traveling at present. Nowadays motor Lorries and railways have taken its place. Today we do not travel by it. Still the railways and the motor Lorries cannot lessen the pleasures which we get in the journey by bullock cart.

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The Occasion and the Time of Journey:


I am a villager and so I have traveled many a time by bullock cart. But the journey which I took last year is worth describing. A friend of mine invited me at the time of his elder brother’s marriage which took place in the month of June. On the date of marriage I reached his village. The day passed in the marriage ceremonies. But 8 O’clock all were ready to start with their luggage. I along with three boys including my friend took seat in a good cart and started. After half an hour all the cats were on the Pucca road.

Scene and sights on the way:

I remained sitting to enjoy the nature. The moon was shining with all her beautifies. The blue sky looked very charming. I heard some farmer singing at a good distance. The cool breeze was refreshing our hot bodies. The natural scenery made me forget my hard school life. The happy idea of coming feast made me all the more and mad with joy.

Bad omen:


All of a sudden one of my companions lighted a match stick to search for something. By chance I looked into his face. He was a one-eyed fellow. Horror of Horrors! The idea of coming misfortune killed my joy. One eyed fellow in the cart and the journey safe! The cart moved on but without any interest on me.

Arrival of a military truck:

We had hardly gone two kilometers when a military truck horned from opposite side. The sound terrified the bullocks. They refuse to move further. The driver twisted their tail in vain. When the truck passed by us with a great noise, the bullocks got scared. They left road and run at their full speed. They ran straight over the field. We cried out ‘save, save’. The beautiful scene changed into dancing death.



The other members of the marriage party ran behind us. I forget to worry about the jolts. I caught the frame of the cart firmly. With my clenched teeth I managed to sit in the face of the great danger. I gave up the hope of life. My body began to ache. I was repeating ‘Ram, Ram’. The bullocks were till running at an increasing pace.

I asked the drivers to stop the bullocks but he could not do so with all his might. In a few minutes a ditch appeared before us. Lo! The cart fell into it and turned turtle. I feel flat on the ground. The cart was broken to pieces. The one-eyed fellow received serious injuries in the head. I got a deep wounded in my leg. The driver was quite safe.


The members of the marriage party approached us within twenty minutes. They picked us up and wiped our clothes.

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