A Monkey Man Essay


The monkey man is a familiar man in a town or a village. He goes from town to town and from village to village. He has a monkey and a little drum with him. He announces his arrival by the beating of his little drum. Boys and girls run from their houses to see him and his monkey.

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His Appearance

The monkey man is a peculiar figure. He belongs to a lower class called Kanjar. He bears an unclean heard of his face. His dress is always unfit on his sturdy body. He is generally dressed in loose clothes. His kurta hangs from his shoulders reaching down to his ankle. He wears a tehmad instead of a pair of pajama or pants.

His Performance

When boys and girls gather round him in a large number, he stops beating the little drum. Then he ties his monkey with a loose rope which can spread three or four meters. The monkey dances to beats of his drum and the indication of his stick. The monkey stands on his hind legs and walks like a man. He goes round its master. Sometimes it jumped and sometimes it claps with his hands. It is really a fun to see the monkey do all these things.


Then the monkey man tells the interesting story of its marriage. He asks the monkey to go his susral. The monkey visits its father-in-law’s house. He has a staff in its hand and a red cap on its head. Sometimes he looks into a mirror to see its face. It tries to set the cap right on its head and wipes off dust from his face. It behaves like a bridegroom and creates a lot of fun.

Behavior of Spectators

The spectators who are mostly little boys and girls jumps with joy. They laugh and laugh with the movements of the monkey. They clap their hands with joy. When the monkey man begs for the monkey and himself they run to their houses and bring flour or bread for the monkey man. Some mischievous boys try to throw pebbles at the monkey.


Thus the monkey man goes about to carry on his trade. He is never tired of his job. His talks are very funny. His peculiar dress is always shabby. There are oil stains on it. He is always welcomed by the youngsters, at all periods of the year. His monkey is always trained in a particular fashion.

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