A Moral Story on Equality of Sexes

Eleanor Roosevelt was the wife of the President of the United States of America. She filmy believed that men and women both have the same abilities, the same strengths, the same skills. Her husband, Franklin Roosevelt was the President when the second World War broke out Eleanor encouraged the ladies to join the war efforts. She herself worked hard to help the widows of the soldiers who had died. Many ladies joined the U.S. Army and were found to be brave, courageous soldiers. Eleanor was a powerful orator and lecturer who tired to convince people that girls too are strong and capable. She wrote articles in newspapers which were interesting and thought provoking. She traveled all over the world to spread her message of equality of sexes. Finally, she became the U.S. delicate to United Nations and the Chairman of the Commission on Human Rights.

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It happened in August of 1999, in the tiger infested area of Assam. An unarmed woman shanty Devi, with her daughter of five went to the steam near by to fetch water. They were near the river let when a tiger jumped on her and sent her sprawling on the ground. It approached her. She pushed her left hand into its mouth and gripped its throat with her left hand. This began to suffocate the beast who struggled and roared. Shantibai too shouted. The people of the village heard this and ran to their rescue. The beast was shot down. Shantibai was taken to the hospital for medical treatment. That tiger was a man eater and a terror in the district. This woman of grit was a match for the tiger.

The history of India is replete with stores of brave, intelligent women who have made sacrifices for their families, for their society and for their country. Who has not heard of the Rani of Jhansi who fought the British to assert her rights? Razia sultana and Tarabai also were efficient, humane, intelligent rulers. In our won times, Indira Gandhi was more than a match for many men. Medha Patkar’s struggle against the Narmada Project and the rights of the adivasis had drawn internal attention.

Men and women, boys and girls are all alike. They are to be treated with equal respect as human begin.

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