A Morning Scene at a Water Tap in Street – Essay

Essay Introduction

In municipal towns arrangements are made for supplying water to the inhabitants. Most of the houses are fitted with water taps. These taps are private property. They are for the use of the members of the house where they are situated. For the houses which are without private taps every street has one or two taps. They are generally situated at the ends of the streets. They are meant for all who need them.

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Scene before the running of tap:

Long before the taps are timed to run, men, women, and children come to them with pails, pitchers of buckets in their hands. They place their pots about the tap according to their turn. Those who come up first place their pots nearest to it. Some of them retire to their houses to wait for the arrival of water. Others remain sitting there. They do no go because they fear their turns will be used by others. To pass the time they smoke or tell some incident of common interest.

Scene during the time when tap is running:

When it is time for the tap to run, a loud hissing sound is heard. It is done by the air coming out. On hearing the sound everybody becomes active. Some of the men sitting there try to forestall others. This leads to the exchange of hot words. Sometimes hot words are followed by blows and blows lead to litigation. These municipal taps are, thus a means of creating bad blood between neighbors.


When some are fighting and breaking one another’s heads, the tap runs on uselessly. Other people dare not put their pots under the tap to fill them. They get angry on such quarrels, because they know that in a short time the tap will run out and they will have to go home without water. They, therefore separate the men who are fighting. They request them to fill their pots, so that their turn for getting water may come.


Besides the men and women who come to the tap to get water, there is another group of young men who visit the tap every morning and evening. They come there with bad motives. They sit on the platforms of the houses near the tap and carry loose talks. They pass unbecoming remarks. Sometimes they address the ladies and young girls in a very insulting manner. The people of the street should keep such young men in check.

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