A Night Scene in a Village – Essay

Essay Introduction:

After a day’s labor everybody naturally feels inclined to get a sleep. Nothing is more refreshing than a sound sleep at night. Day is the time to work and night is to sleep.

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Darkness on all sides

The sun which makes the day has sat. Darkens has spread all over. Nothing can bee seen clearly. The fields, the ponds, trees, the hills, the houses and the shops are hidden by darkness. The natural light which is available now is that of stars.

All in the lap of sleep:

Almost all the villages have gone to their beds. They are enjoying a quite rest. The infants are having their peaceful rest with their mothers. It is all quite and calm. The shops are closed. The noise caused by shop-keepers and customers during the day is no more heard.

Traffic at standstill:


Traffic is at standstill. No person except choukidar is seen moving along the street. The choukidar is going about the village. He has a strong stick in his hand to see all are safe. The street beggars who paraded the streets for food and clothes during the day have gone to sleep. They are no more wondering about in the streets.

All Labors are the rest:

Wood cutters, black smiths, goldsmiths and copper smiths who had all day long labored have all ceased their work. They are in their quite beds. The hard sound of wood-cutter’s saw is not heard. The smith’s hammer is at rest. The field laborers have also stopped working in the fields. They are enjoying sound sleep. The dhobis who spent the day in washing and ironing clothes are having a quite rest. There is nothing to disturb them in their sound sleep.

The Postman and Farmers in the lap of sleep:

The postman is off his duty. Three is nothing to bother him in his sleep. The farmers who were busy all day long in their fields now fell a bit of rest. They have gone to sleep after finishing their day’s work. They are now in their beds to prepare themselves for the next day’s work. Some farmers are stilling keeping awake. They are watering their fields.

Bird and Animals:

The birds have all gone to their nests. They are sleeping there. Their wings are no more at work. But the owls and bats, the birds of night are playing about. The sheep, the goat and other cattle have all been driven home. They are quiet silent. The quite of night is now and then broken by the barking of dogs in the village and the howling of jackal in the fields at a distance from the abadi.

Work of Institution and Hospital is suspended:


All the schools are closed. No voice of any sort is heard there. In the day time the schools were crowded with students who made all sorts of noise. The hospital which was full of patients who made hue and cry has become a deserted place.


All are rest. But there are some unfortunate patients who lie uneasy. They wish to rest, but can not have it. Some of them are suffering from one disease or other other. They are keeping awake. Some are to attend the patients in their houses. They are passing the night in their eyes.

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