A piece of jewelry or concert? – Essay

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Depending on personal experience, personality type and emotional, we find that some people hold the idea of enjoying a concert if a gift of money has been received, but others choose to buy a piece of jewelry and that is also my point. My arguments for this point are listed as follows.

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The main reason for a piece of jewelry I like is that has a great value of collection. With the resistance of fading, erosion and alteration, jewelry is probably the first durable ornaments humans possessed. In addition, owning to rareness, costly jewelry is regarded as particular merchandise and left behind to the offspring. Furthermore, its value will not depreciate like paper currency because of turbulent society and economy. According to the three points above, we can reach the investment value of choosing a piece of jewelry.

Another reason can be seen by everyone is that jewelry can make people pretty, and always symbolizes something. For example, though the centuries, rings have perpetuated the talismanic role of the diamond. In the Middle Ages and Renaissance period, every ring that was set with a precious stone was not so much a piece of jewelry, but an amulet that conveyed the magic powers of the stone upon the wearer. On the other hand, “A diamond is forever” is internationally known to men and women of all ages and may very well mean something different for everyone. Aside from its status as the ultimate symbol of love, diamonds have been around for millions of years, thus in their own right symbolizing, “forever.” So, it is a good present that you buy a piece of jewelry for your love.


Admittedly, listening to a concert also has advantages, but the influence is short-lived. So, taking into account of all the factors that I have discussed in the above analysis, I believe that it is more advisable to buy a piece of jewelry rather than a ticket to a concert.

Essay / Article – 2

People make money for living first and then use the money for other things that lead them to a happy and healthy life, such as buying something they like, watching a movie, or eating a big meal. In my opinion, if I have received a gift of money I would like to buy a ticket to a concert.

For me, music is always attractive. When I have completed a whole day’s study or finished the discussion on some academic problems, my spirit will be eager to relax for a while. When people want to relax, it is wonderful thing to go to a concert: the music playing on the concert is the best thing to set your mind free. If you spend the money to listen to a concert, you will feel that the cost is valuable.

In addition, you can attend the concert with your friends. It is good chance to build up the relationship between your friends and you. People are always busy with their works and study, losing many occasions of communicating with each other, a splendid concert and link us together. The music; the conduct and all the musicians on the concert can offer us a common topic; we can discuss those things together.


Furthermore, listening to a concert let me learn more about music and all kinds of instruments, it also culture the appreciatory ability. To think that I spend the money to buy a piece of jewelry, I can acquire nothing but being a little bit beautiful at one of my friend’s birthday parties. In that case, I just fell that the money has gone.

Money, even a little money, can make your life more valuable, for reason; I prefer to buy a ticket to concert than to a piece of jewelry.

Essay / Article – 3

Some people believe that attending a concert may enrich their cultural experience, whereas others may agree that jewelry can be permanent and perpetual, therefore a good item to invest. As far as I am concerned, I prefer the latter point of view to the former. I would like to substantiate my conclusion from the following perspectives.

First of all, buying a piece of jewelry is an excellent investment. Once you buy the jewelry, its price tends to be higher and higher due to the limited number of precious gems. Beside, you can sell it for liquidity, when you are financially in trouble. Conversely, you cannot keep a ticket to preserve its value or resell it for money. If you believe “save it for rainy days”, you must invest in jewelry other than a concert ticket.


What’s more, jewelry symbolizes perpetuity. You must have heard of the famous commercial slogan from De Beers: “Diamond is forever”. A piece of jewelry is good item to memorize some important days, such as a wedding anniversary. In addition, you can win the heart of the girl you appreciate at the critical moment by buying her a diamond ring! That is exactly the way I used to conquer my current wife.

Finally, a piece of jewelry, like a bracelet or an ear ring, cannot only deliver you fashionable aroma but also provide you with a luster of elegance. You may were luxurious jewelry when you attend your friends’ wedding party. Likewise, you can put it on for more formal social activities. Wearing suitable and decent jewelry may distinguish you from the others, thereby making you feel more self-confident. In general, you will look totally different with the jewelry.

Admittedly, it might be true that attending a concert may satisfy your taste or edify your cultural sense. However, purchasing a piece of jewelry turns out to be more practical and helpful for most of people according to the above reasons. Consequently, I agree that if I have money I will but the jewelry rather than a concert ticket.

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