A rainy day in Summer – Essay

In summer when the heat is intense and hot winds blow, a dark cloud or a shower of rain is always welcome. If the rain fails people pray for it. They do yagas.

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In summer a rainy day is a day of enjoyment. When dark clouds cover the sky, people begin to dance with joy. When cool breeze blows and a refreshing rain falls, every heart is filled with joy. People go out to the canal of the rivers to hold picnics. Some people go for walk. Young girls gather under some big trees to arrange swing. They enjoy going up and down on the swings. They sing sweet songs that send thrills of joy in the hearts of the young. Thus they make merry to their heart’s content. Little children come out just with loin clothes. They dance out of joy while bathing in the rain. Sometimes they roll in the rain water. They float paper boats in the drains or in ponds. How they shout when their boats sink or are carried away by the current of water!

Everything in nature after the rain bears a fresh look. The very grass which looked withered in the summer heat just a day before raises it head proudly. It moves to and fro with the blowing of the breeze. The cuckoo sings her sweet songs from the mango tree in the praise of the rains.


There are pools of water everywhere. Houses and streets wash off their dirt. Trees and plants are bathed in rain water. They look gay and green. Animals and birds also enjoy the rains. The frogs make a very pleasant noise at time when it rains. They begin to croak.

Roads, lanes and streets are covered with muddy water. It causes much trebled for the people. Their clothes are spoiled. They fell uncomfortable. Boys stop outdoor sports. People become dull and inactive. At some places the railway track is damaged. Mud huts are broken or destroyed. Boys and girls, who get wet in the rain water, sometimes fall prey to skin diseases.

The rainy day is fully enjoyable if the sun does not appear. But if the clouds break up and sun begins to shine, the joy is gone. The wind fails. It becomes very close. Then the heat is again all the more intense. The roads get muddy. Every now and then the careless passersby slip down. How people make a fun of them!

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