A Sample Essay on Television

Television is one of the latest wonders of science. By the radio we can only hear the voice; but the television we can also see the face of the speaker. We have only to switch on the television, and at once we can both see and hear a popular leader speaking, or a drama being staged or a cinema film being exhibited at the T.V. station or a match being played in any country of the world. In short, in recent times television has become one of the most important means of recreation, propaganda and national integration.

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The advantages of T.V. are so many that every possible effort should be made to provide the country with a nation-wide T.V. service at the earliest. T.V. is an important means of recreation and entertainment. It is the most suitable medium for mass communication and education. It can be used by the government to give wide publicity to its views, and to the development work done by it. In this way, it can be used as a powerful means of propaganda and the formation of public opinion. It can serve as a handmaid to planning. Indeed, by some expert television is considered essential for the success of planning.

Further, it can perform the vital task of mass education. It can help in increasing production, in imparting family planning education and in spreading mass literacy. Talks delivered by eminent persons and Carrie to the masses through T.V., can do much to eradicate various social evils. T.V. sets installed in school can supplement the education imparted through class lectures. What is seen leaves a more permanent impression on the mind than what is heard or read, and this makes obvious the educational value of T.V.


The government is fully alive to all these advantages of T.V. programmed have been broadcast through satellites so that they could be viewed all over the country. The Asia games gave a great boost of T.V. and since then a national programmed has become a regular feature and many more states have been brought within the T.V. network.

Color T.V. enhances the pleasure of the viewers. The programmers’ become more natural and attractive. The gorgeousness and splendor of a programmer can be enjoyed only through color T.V. the splendor of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Asia games could be enjoyed only by those who were lucky enough to view it on a color T.V. set. It was magnificent and spectacular show, but it could not be appreciated on the black and white sets. Everything possible should be done to develop color technology and make color T.V. sets available in the country at a price within the reach of the common man.

However, it should be kept in mind that color T.V. puts more strain on the eyes. It is a health hazard. It must not be viewed for a long time. Moreover, color T.V. is very sensitive and the picture gets blurred if there is even slight defect in the antenna angle or in its cord. Even slight disturbances near the T.V. set- they may be on the road near the house-find their echo on the screen of a color T.V.

Television is not a mere medium of entertainment; it has far reaching educational and cultural significance. It is an importance means of national unity and integration. T.V. serial can be used to fight the menace of communalism, regionalism and terrorism. Special programmed with this end in view should be regularly televised. Similarly between people living in different parts of the country should be stressed. It should be made available not only in the cities, but in villages as well, and at cheap rates. Top priority must be given to it. Let us hope in the near future. T.V. sets would be within the reach of the common man.


It is a happy sign that recently, television has been separated from the Radio and a separate T.V. corporation has been set up. In 1985, one T.V. receiving set was installed every day, and in this way even remote areas were covered with T.V. network. This shows that the government is quite alive to its role in the offing.

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