A sample invitation to a friend to attend one’s marriage ceremony

Dear Friend Name,

You will be glad to know that on twenty fifth November I am going to be married with Shashi. As you must be knowing, Shashi has been my class fellow right from B.A. Pt. I to M.A. final. By happy coincidence, we happened to have a taste for the same subject, English Literature. It was during our study period that we developed a liking for each other, which indeed culminated in my proposing to her to be my life-partner, to which she readily agreed. Shashi is the only daughter of Mr. Rakesh Bhatnagar I.A.S. at present posted at Bhiwani.

It is my earnest request to you to be present at this happy occasion. I know that you are a busy man, yet I would request you to spare a day for me. My parents are also very keen to see your present on the occasion. Please don’t forget to bring Bhabhiji with you.

No more today. More when we meet.


My Namaskar to Bhabhiji and best love to you.

Yours ever,


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Positive reply From the friend

Dear Name,


Received your letter with fine splash of delight. I am the happiest man to know that you are going to be married with a girl of your choice.

I shall surely come to attend your wedding and see you united with your life-partner in an eternal bond. Your Bhabhiji is also very keen to be present at your marriage ceremony. Both of us are coming on 24th by the Assam mail.

Rest is O. K. Our respect to your parents, blessings to your brothers and sisters and best love to you.


Yours Lovingly,


Negative reply from the friend

Dear Ranjit,

I received your letter yesterday. I am very glad to know that you are going to be married with Shashi, the girl of your choice.

I would very much wish to attend your marriage ceremony, but perhaps I may not be able to do so for our Deputy Director is coming to pay a visit of inspection to our office on 25th of November itself I would however come to you thereafter. Meanwhile, please accept my congratulations on having one of the finest girls to be your life partner. May you both enjoy health, happiness and prosperity throughout your lives.

I invite you both to Agra after your marriage and shall be glad to
accompany you both to sites of historical interest here.

Rest is O. K. Please pay my compliments to your parents, blessings to your sister and brothers and love and good wishes to you.

Yours lovingly,


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