A sample letter from Sister to her Brother

Dear Brother,

It is more than a month since I wrote you a letter. I am sorry not to have received a reply from you so far. I presume my letter has got lost somewhere and perhaps you are not in receipt of it.

I am repeating the contents of my letter written earlier to you. I have secured admission here in B.Ed, and the session has started. Our studies have also started. But I have not yet been able to buy all the books needed. Would it not be kind of you to sent books for B.Ed, from Agra ?

I am enclosing herewith the list of books which I coiled not have here and which I am in urgent need of. I hope you would seho4 the books asked for at your earliest possible.


I am living in the college hostel, which is situated beside the bank of the Ganga. This is very beautiful place. The sunrise scene is indeed very charming and captivating. I would like you to come here and visit this place.

By the way, I have also to inform you that the money you gave me is now all spent. We had to deposit Rs.100/- as hostel charges for one month. We have to pay college fee at the rate of Rs. 30/- a month. Besides, there are other items on which expenditure has to be incurred, for example stationary, soap, oil etc. Kindly send rupees two hundred more at your earliest possible.

How is Ravi going on with his studies ? I would be happy to see him selected for P.M.T. for which constraint hard work is very necessary. What is the progress of Poonam and Neelam in their studies? Kindly pay greater attention to Bhabhiji because, as you say, she has not been keeping fit for the last half year. She must take sufficient rest and have a good diet.

Convey my namaste to Bhabhiji and love to all children. Hoping to hear from you soon.


Your affectionate sister,


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Reply to from the Brother

Dear Ashu,


Your letter was received here during my absence from Agra. I had been to Mussories these two months on an official business, and returned from there yesterday, when I received your letter. I am very quick in replying to your letters, but the circumstances beyond my control were responsible for my not writing to you earlier.

I am happy to learn that you succeeded in securing admission in B. Ed. without any recommendation from anyone. Undoubtedly your high educational qualifications coupled with a good division in every class were themselves an unfailing recommendation.

You need not bother about money. You will very shortly have a money order of Rs. two hundred as required by you. I trust your studies are going on properly. Please pay attention to your health also.

Ravi is all right in his studies Poonam and Neelam both secured positions in their classes. The parentage of marks secured by them is really encouraging.

Regarding your books for B.Ed, for which you enclosed a list, I have not yet found time to contact the publisher but would do so very shortly and would send the books as soon as possible.

Wishing you the best of luck.

Your loving bother,


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