A sample letter to a friend asking to attend the marriage of one’s younger sister

Dear Manoj,

I haven’t heard anything from you for long. What keeps you so busy ?

You will be glad to know that my younger sister Mohini is going to be married to Promod, the younger brother of Hari Shankar I.P.S. The marriage ceremony is scheduled to be solemnized on 15th inst. You are to be present at our place on that date. My mother joins me in making this request to you. Hope you won’t disappoint us.

I hope you are going on well with your job now-a-days. I am having God’s grace in business.


Please let me know when and by which train you propose to proceed.

With my best love,

Yours ever,


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Positive reply from the friend

Dear Anil,

Your letter is in hand. I am highly delight to hear of younger sister’s marriage on 15th. I am sorry that I couldn’t write a letter to you for the last three months. But that was because of circumstances beyond my control. I hope you will excuse me for this.

I intend to proceed to your place by Gauhati Express on 13th inst. You need not waste your time in coming to the station. I know every bit of way to your place.

Please convey my congratulations to Mohini and pranam to your parents.


With best wishes to you,

Your loving friend,


Negative reply from the friend

Dear Anil,

Your letter of 5th instt. was received today. I felt a great joy to hear of your younger sister’s marriage with Mr. Promod, the brother of Mr. Hari Shankar I.P.S. Mr. Promod has been a brilliant student with a distinguished career. I am sure of his selection in I.A.S.

I am sorry to miss three months during which I could not write any letter to you. My official duties kept me too busy these days.

Unluckily, I shall not be able to attend Mohini’s wedding ceremony as I am scheduled to be out on an official tour for a week beginning from 10th instt. How should I express my disappointment on not being able to be present at your place on Mohini’s wedding day? I hope you won’t mind my absence on that day. It shall be my earnest endeavour to visit your place after the aforesaid tour of mine.

Please convey our congratulations to Mohini. Our heart felt good wishes j and blessings for the health and happiness of the prospective couple.

With our best respects to your parents and love to you.

Yours most sincerely,

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