A sample letter to a friend asking to join a Holiday Party

Dear Sunil,

It is almost three months since we parted and I haven’t heard anything from you. It appears you have forgotten me. I hope you are keeping good health by the grace of Almighty.

You will be pleased to know that it is proposed to form a Holiday Party to a hill station for 10 days and I have been nominated as one of the organisers. Our examinations are now over and the results has been announced. By the grace of God I have secured first position in the class. Suresh has been placed 2nd. Soon it is going to be very hot and in my opinion a trip to a hill station will provide us with ample diversion and will certainly be beneficial to health.

We propose to proceed to Mussorie which is regarded as the queen of hill stations in Northern India. We wish to catch the Mussorie Express on the night of 25th of May. This train will leave us at Dehradun by 7 A.M. on 26th. From Dehradun we shall hire a taxi which will take us to Mussorie by 9 A.M. We have already got a lodging booked for a fortnight. We propose to visit all important places and plant to enjoy ourselves on the rope way swings which have recently been constructed and constitute a great source of attraction. The inclusion of five girls in our party will provide an added charm to the trip. We are arranging for a number of cameras for the purpose of photographing beautiful scenes. We have also got certain singers in our party. We have also arranged for a movie camera for filming certain important aspects of life at Mussories,


I am very much keen to have you in our company and hope you won’t disappoint me. Please intimate me with the date on which you are leaving for Delhi. Please also let me know by what train you are coming so that I may receive you at the station.

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,


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Reply to the above (Positive)

Dear Suneja,

Received with abundant joy your letter of 10th instt. Sorry for not being able to write to you for the last three months. Studies have kept all the time occupied. You will be glad to know that I have also topped the list of successful candidates who appeared from this centre. The Principal has awarded me a special medal for this distinction.

How should I thank you for your asking me to join the Holiday Party of which you happen to be one of the organisers. I was in search of an opportunity to proceed with you to a hill station. It is good that the opportunity has come. These words may speak for themselves how happy I shall be to join your holiday party. My parents have also allowed me to proceed to a hill station during the summer and your proposal to accompany you in the Holiday Party gives me great delight.

I propose to start from here by Avadh Express on the night of 22nd May and reach Agra Fort in the morning of 23rd. You need n’t waste your precious time in coming to the station to receive me. I am familiar with every bit of way to your place. So no formality, please.


Thanking you,

Yours truly,


Reply (Negative)

Dear Suneja,

Your letter of 10th inst. is in hand. I am extremely sorry for not being able to write to you earlier. Preparations for the examination kept me awfully busy. I have always regarded you as one of the best and dearest friends of mine. Can it over be possible for me to forget you ?

I am thankful to you for your proposal to join the Holiday party you are going to organise to proceed to Mussorie this summer, but would request you to excuse me for not being able to join your Holiday Party. As you must be knowing, the doctor has diagnosed my lungs as weak and he has prohibited me from going to hills. For reasons of health I won’t be able to enjoy the pleasure of your trip to Mussorie. I would be very glad if you visit Lucknow after your present trip and stay with me for rest of vacation.

I hope you won’t mind my not being able to accompany you to your pleasure trip. With deepest love and blessings to you.

Yours most sincerely,


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