A Sample Letter to an ailing friend

Dear Friend Name,

It is through Ramesh that I came to know about your illness. It is strange that you have been suffering from typhoid for a fortnight. But you didn’t post even a single letter to me. We were under the impression that you had gone to Mumbai with your uncle as you told us earlier. It is very sad indeed that your programme of accompanying your uncle to Mumbai could not materialise and you were suddenly taken ill. I wish you a speedy recovery.

Please do take strict precautions in this illness, for prevention is better than cure. The slightest deviation from the doctor’s advice may prolong illness. Please do not touch solid food until you are completely relieved of fever. But please do not worry. Typhoid fever goes after a definite duration.

Suresh, Narinder and Bhola would soon be coming to see you. May God help you to recover fully by that time and we would take you to see the pictures.


Once again wishing you speedy recovery.

Kindly yours,


Exercising While Sick: Advice From the Trenches

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