A sample letter to Daughter for non-receipt of her letter

My dear daughter,

It seems you have forgotten your parents. We received only one letter from you since you joined your new assignment. It is more than two months now that we have not received any letter from you. When you left, you promised to post us letters every now and then. Perhpas you do not know how anxious parents are about their children.

Any way, do write a letter at once on receipt of this letter as we are much worried about you. Also write how you have liked your new assignment. We hope you will acquit yourself with the same credit as you did in your previous job. It is perfectly true that work is worship. We are proud of the fact that even as a girl you put forth devotion and dedication in full measure to every work you were asked to do.

May God shower His blessings on you and enable you to work with all your might and main. Our blessings always remain with you.


Your loving father,



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Reply from the daughter

Dear Father,


Your letter is in hand. How should I let you know of the reasons for the delay in writing you the letter? How can I forget my parents who are like gods to me? I understand the concern you might have felt on not receiving a letter for such a long time. But I was helpless being so terribly busy in arranging things in the new assignment. Once again I feel extremely sorry for the slip and promise to write you letters more frequently.

I beg you not to be very much worried about me. I have very much liked my new assignment. It gives me pleasure to work with devotion and dedication. Other pleasures of the world compare ill with the pleasures of work.

I shall be very happy if you could come to me and live here for sometime. What about Raja’s admission to the degree course in Engineering? His qualifications as well as his inclination very much entitle him for admission. Munna must be doing well in his studies. Tell him I would buy him a thing of his choice if he tops the list of his class. When you come, please do bring mother also.

Intimate me with fresh news, if any. Also inform me of the date when you leave for here. My best respects to you and mother My love to Raju, Munna, Vishal and Ashu.


Your affectionate daughter,


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