A sample Letter to friend describing the most exciting adventure

My Dear Name,

It is long since I heard from you. I hope you are doing well there. How are you getting on with your studies ? I may inform you that I narrowly escaped death in a bid to shoot a crocodile. I describe below this exciting adventure of my life.

Some of my friends learnt that there was a crocodile in the river that flows by our village. The crocodile had devoured a cow as it was drinking water in the river. People of this village were afraid of going to the river to fetch water. So it was decided to hunt down the flesh-eating crocodile.

My friends and I set out on the expedition in a boat. We had with us loaded guns. As our boat floated on the river, very strong wind began to blow. We were on the look out for crocodile. Our boat was sailing swiftly alongwith the wind when all of a sudden the crocodile emerged from within the water. Its snout was clearly visible. We were not prepared to let go the chance of shooting the animal from a close range.


One of my friends took aim and fired at the crocodile. But unfortunately he missed the aim. The bullet did not hit the animal. It hissed past the crocodile. The animal was enraged at this. It attacked our boat with its snout and long tail. The boatman was a courageous fellow. He hit the animal with his oar and did not let it come near the boat. Our small boat tossed on the surface of the water due to the strong wind blowing then. We were at our wit’s end and did not know what to do. Time and again the crocodile tried to overturn the boat and the heavy commotion caused to some of us by the fear of crocodile threatened its balance. But thank god, the boat continued to float on the water.

In the mean time one of my friends who was a very good shot fired at the crocodile. The bullet hit the animal in the palate causing its instantaneous death. The dead animal at first sank in the water. But its body came up after a few minutes and floated like a log of wood on the surface of water.

The strong wind had also calmed down. Now there was no danger of our boat capsizing. We threw a net and were able to pull the animal to the river bank. The people of the village crowded on the bank to have glimpse of the animal that had stricken terror in their hearts. They congratulated us on success in shooting down the animal and thus ridding them of the menace.

This was the most exciting adventure of my life. Hoping to hear some from you.


Yours sincerely,


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