A Sample Letter to Mother telling her about your studies

My dear mother,

I haven’t received your letter for long. I am very much worried about your health, for the last time’s illness could have proved tragic, if the doctor had not been called in time. Thank God we were all there and managed to call in doctor who saved you. Nowadays only you and Papa are therewith nobody else to look after you. It is natural for me to be worried about your health. Please post me letters as often as possible.

As regards myself, my studies are going on well. My first terminal examinations are over and the answer books have been shown to us. You will be happy to know that this time I am leading the whole class having secured the highest marks in every subject. I am not yet satisfied because my percentage is not yet high enough to merit me college gold medal. I am working hard towards that end.

Now-a-days I feel fine. I have developed friendship with some boys who like me are quite ambitious and therefore studious. We are all working in a spirit of competitiveness and are helping one another. In the evening we go out for a walk together. We have curtailed our sports hours and have diverted them to studies.


Nothing more to pen. Please keep me informed about your health so that I may devote myself heart and soul to the studies unworried. Convey my Pranam to Papa and Uncle.

Please reply immediately.

Yours lovingly,


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Reply from the Mother

My dear name,

Your letter is in hand, I am delighted to hear of your progress in studies and games.

I am glad to know that you have secured highest marks in every subject in the 1st terminal examination. I hope you will continue to work hard and keep me informed that you secure highest marks in the 2nd terminal and the annual exam. also. It is good that you have diverted some of your sports time to studies. But please take good care of your health and have plenty of exercise to make up for your absence from the sports field.

Your Papa has gone to Mumbai on some official business and is expected to return within a fortnight. I am perfectly fit and you needn’t worry on that score. Do come home during X-mas holidays. Your maternal uncle is also expected to come during these holidays and he will be happy to meet you. Please write to him informing him of your programme. Don’t make delay in writing letters to me.


My blessings to you.

Your loving mother,


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