A Sample Letter to Nephew informing about promotion

Dear Ashutosh,

For a long time I haven’t got any letter from you. What is the matter? I think all is going on well.

You will be glad to know that I have been promoted to die next higher post of Tahsildar. With this my rank has been raised to that of a gazetted officer and my emoluments have gone up by about Rs. Five thousand. It is all due to God’s grace that I have been blessed with a promotion so soon. Please convey this news to parents to whom I shall write afterwards.

I think you must have been declared successful in your examination and promoted to the next higher class. It is unfortunate that you haven’t informed me about any thing. Please do write a letter every now and then.


I now hold the charge of a Tahsil. Higher status has brought higher and greater responsibilities. Very heavy responsibilities devolved upon me when I was made in charge of relief operations for flood-affected victims of my area. I had to arrange for ration, medicine, clothes and shelter to those who were uprooted from their hearths and homes by the ravages of flood. You might be delighted to know that I won the District Magistrate’s medal for the best performance of my duties. The Chief Minister who surveyed the flood-hit area was also highly impressed with our work.

Rest is all fine. My best regards to your parents and blessings to you.

Your loving Uncle


Reply from the nephew

My dear uncle,


Your letter reached me yesterday and I was highly delighted to hear of your promotion. You got your promotion so early because you deserved it by virtue of your devotion and dedication to work. It is the honesty of purpose and sincerity of efforts with which you work that you have earned the appreciation of your superior officers. Please accept my congratulations for the same.

These days I was too busy in my studies preparing for the examination, that is why I could not wrote to you earlier. With God’s grace I have passed the examination, having been placed in first division with distinction in two subjects. Now I propose to offer arts subjects for my graduation though I have passed Higher Secondary with science subjects. The main reason of my shifting to humanities is that there are better chances for an arts graduate to fare well in the administrative services examination. Kindly advise me what subjects I should offer.

Parents are also very happy to learn of your promotion, delighted they are to read of the devotion and dedication with which you perform your duties. They are indeed very proud of the fact that you so successfully managed to rush help and succor to the unfortunate people hit by flood. They wish you happy good luck.


Nothing more to pen. Please let me know when you are coming home. My best regards to you and auntie.

Yours lovingly,



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