A Sample Letter to your Brother consoling him for failing in the examination

Dear Dinesh,


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I have just received father’s letter which informs of your failure at the Intermediate examination. Sad as it indeed is; it should not disappoint you, because the road to success leads through failures. One of my friend’s younger brothers, who is a brilliant student, has also failed at the same examination.

Please don’t get disheartened. I know you were sincere in your studies and it is on account of a stroke of bad luck that you couldn’t succeed. Please work harder and you will come out with flying colours.


I intend to come home in the next month for a fortnight Please convey this news to Papa and Mummy.

The rest is O.K. My respects to Papa and Mummy and blessings to you and Ravi.

Yours lovingly,


Reply from the Brother

My dear Bro,


I am in receipt of your kind letter. Believe me, your letter has given me consolation and a measure of hope. It comes to me in good time when I very much needed sympathy and solace. What added to my sorrow was the fact that I had never expected it even in the dream and it came to me like a bolt from the blue.

I have now reconciled myself to this sad fact. Your soothing letter has further infused hope in my bruised chest. As per your advice. I have made up my mind to work harder and harder and believe that fate will smile on me at last, though of course, its ways are unpredictable.

Any way, please come as early as possible as mother is anxious for you. My best respects to you. Please intimate the date on which you are proceeding for home.


Yours affectionately,


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