A Sample Letter to your Elder Brother

My dear brother,

You left this place on 10th and it is more than 15 days that we haven’t heard anything from you. Papa and Mummy are too much worried.

What about your studies ? Has the teaching started in your college ? Which subjects have you finally chosen ? I hope you must have made new friends in the University, because you are so clever in making friends. Mummy says you have to avoid the company of bad friends who do nothing except wasting time.

I have secured admission in 1st year science in the local college. We did not face any problem because the selection for admission was made purely on merit and I being 1st class, my position was third in the list of selected candidates.


Independence Day was celebrated in our college with gaiety and enthusiasm. We took out a Prabhat Feri in the morning. On this day we took pledge to serve our country to the best of our ability and capacity. There was a good cultural programme held on this occasion. I took part in a one Act Play staged in the college under the auspices of the college Dramatic Society.

Papa and Mummy are very keen about your health. They say you should be very regular in your food habits and should not forget to take fruits. I hope you will come during Dasheshara holidays.

My namaskar to you. Papa and Mummy convey their blessings to you.


Yours affectionately,


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Reply from the Elder Brother

Dear Sanjiv,

Received your letter just now and noted its contents. I am really sorry for not posting a letter after leaving home.


My studies are going on well. Teaching has started in our college in right earnest and by God’s grace I have got the subjects of my choice. My optional subjects are : English Literature, History and Political Science. The special reason of my choosing these subjects is that they are immensely useful for higher competitive examinations particularly for Indian Civil Services and Provincial Civil Service.

I have made new friends here. They are either meritorious boys or distinguished players. One of them is a good debater. I too have started taking part in college debates. Last time I secured 2nd position in debate which was held on the subject of The policy of non-alignment is in the interest of India.

I am happy that you have been admitted in 1st year science class. It is good to know that you take part in extra-curricular activities of our college. I am happier to here that you took part in the drama. I wish you grand success both in your studies and co-curricular activities.

I will certainly come to Agra during Dashehara holidays.

I wish you the best of luck. Convey my Pranam to Papa and Mummy.

Your loving brother,


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