A Scene at a River in Summer – Essay

A Hot Summer Morning:

It was a Sunday morning in June. I decided to go to the river which flowed past our town at a distance of 4 Kilometers. I went there on my bike.

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On the Way to the River:

I had not gone far when I met my friend Alok. He, too, was going to the river. So we went along chatting merrily. We soon reached the river.

At the River-side:

The river-side presented quite a lively scene. There were men, women and children in a large number. They swam about. Those who could not swim bathed in shallow water. Some people were washing their clothes while some were playing in the fresh and cold water of the river. Little boys and girls were bathing near the bank along with the help of their parents. Some boys were playing in the sand on the bank.

Boating and Washermen:


A number of college students were enjoying boating. The little boats ran up the river leaving lines of foam on their both sides. A little up the river some Washerman were washing the clothes. They were beating clothes against stone slabs. Their wives and children help them in their work.

Fishermen at Work:

At a little distance from the bathing ghats, a few fishermen were seen busy in their catch. They had thrown their nets in the river and were waiting for their catch.

A Temple on the Bank:

Close to the bank was a small temple under a peepal tree. Some pious men were going into the temple to say their prayers. An old beggar sat outside the temple. He was begging alms from each man who visited the temple. There also sat fruit venders with big baskets of melons and mangoes.

We had a Bath:

We also enjoyed a bath in the river. After taking bath we took a boat and rowed in the river for an hour or so. It was a good exercise. We came to the other side of the river. There we anchored the boat. We saw many boats running on the water. We had our meal on the boast. Then we came back. Alok paid two rupees to the boatman.



We returned home in the evening after enjoying the scene of the river.

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