A Scene at the Court – Essay

Essay Introduction:

A few days back I had a chance to see Indore Courts. I went there to see a lawyer, a friend of my father. I looked for him in this court or that. At last I found him in the Court of district Magistrate. He was busy there. He informed me that I should wait for him.

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Bar Room:

I stayed for some time outside the bar room. It is a nice building consisting of two rooms. One room is bigger than the other. In the bigger one there were some pleaders and advocates. They were smoking cigarettes and talking with one another in jolly mood. Some of them were reading newspapers.

District Judge’s Court:

Now, out of curiosity, I came in front of the District Judge’s Court. Before this Court there was a large gathering of people. Many of them were creating noise outside the verandah. All of a sudden a policeman came and began to beat them. Then they all became silent.

Scene inside the Court:


I looked from a window. I saw two policemen with an accused standing between them. The accused was handcuffed. There was also a women standing in front of the judge. There were three or four lawyers, two perhaps on woman’s side and two on the side of the accused. The lawyer had their assistants with them who were holding big law books for the sake of reference. The judge was writing the arguments given by the lawyers both of the plaintiff and the defendant. Now and then he put some questions to the lawyers. He listened to the law quoted and put down certain points.

Petition Writers and Agents of Advocates:

Now I caught sight of large number of people gathered at different places. I came to know that they were petition writers sitting on their mats under the trees. They were writing petitions and executing the deeds for the people. They were chagrin money from them according to the value of the deed. Under other trees there were agents and clerks of the advocates. They were writing cases or receiving institution forms their lawyers. Some agents were discussing with the litigants as to the amount of fee for their advocates. They impressed upon litigants the seriousness of the case and the labor that the advocates would spend in preparing the case.

A Court is a Kind of Fair:

The Court is a sight to see. It is a kind of fair held there every day. There you come across people of all sorts. The pleaders, the advocates, the judges, the magistrates and the police official are all found there. Some of the lawyers are in European dress, while others are in their native clothes. The policemen are all seen in their Khaki uniform.


The courts are there to check the progress of crime in its one hundred and one forms. They administer justice to all kinds of people, whether rich or poor, high or low.

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