A Scene at the Shop of a Confectioner on a Diwali Day – Essay

Essay Introduction:

Madan is a confectioner, well-known in our town. He is a middle aged. He wears a colored turban, a Khaddar shirt and a Khaddar Dhoti. He wears a pair of native shoes of an ordinary make. A large number of customers are seen buying at his shop since morning till evening. From noon till three in the afternoon his shop seems to be deserted.

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Sweets in the Shop:

It was the Diwali day. I visited his shop at about four in the afternoon. His shop was specially decorated with sweetmeats of different kinds. There were the gulab jamns, the jelebis, the amartis, the balu-shahis, the laddoss, and the peras and some other sweets like barfi and kalakand. There were sugar toys also. The sweets had been specially prepared for the occasion with pure ghee, milk, sugar and fine flavor. Almonds, pistas and coconut had also be used in their preparation to give them fine flavor and taste.

Madan’s Seat:

That Madan was sitting on a wooden board. He was wearing a neat dress. He was sitting in the midst of the various sweets which had silver leaves applied on them. He placed flower pots of different color in the sweets. He was selling the sweets at higher rates than they could be had from the bazar form other confectioners.

Good Arrangement:


Madan had placed thin gauze of muslin over some of sweets; while others he had kept in an almirahs. The almirahs had many shelves and a door fitted with glass panes. Women were buying at one side and the men at other. Though there was such a large crowding front of his shop, yet a kind of order prevailed there. He had a servant to help him weighting the sweets. His younger brother also was helping him a good deal. The women were given trays made of aluminum to serve them as receptacles for the sweets. Men were also proved with small baskets or cloth bag to contain sweets.

Scene in front of the Shop:

There was a great crowd of men and women and children in front of his shop. He was selling sweets at the rate of thirty rupees kilo. All were buying sweets. Some were giving hard cash, while others offered him hundred rupees notes and demanded the balance.

Once a man gave him a torn five rupee note which he in hurry dropped in the box. But when other customer refused to take it, he at once returned it back the reproved man for playing trick upon him. The man begged his pardon and gave him a new five rupee note in exchange. But the man expressed anger at being reproved. They began to exchange hot words. Had other customers not interfered, the matter would have ended seriously. They reasoned with the shopkeeper and the customer and they put the matter to an end.

Customer in front of his Shop:

The customers in front of his shop were all in best clothes which were quite suitable for the occasion. They looked in gay spirits. They were in good humour. All were talking with one another merrily. Some were coming to buy sweets at his shop, while others were leaving after having bought. Now, at about Sunset, milk-seller began to come to shop to give him milk. He received the milk in big pots and put down in their diary the amount of milk received. Then I also bought some sweets and made straight for home.

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