A Scene from a Hill Top – Essay

Essay Introduction:

Many months ago I happened to go to Mussorie to spend the summer vacation in the company of my few friends. All of us formed a good company and had a good time on the way. We experienced many ups and downs before reaching the goal because there are many hills and valleys lying on the way.

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On the Top of the Hill:

On day we reached the top of the highest hill. Though we were very tired yet we were pleased to reach the top. We lay down on the hard surface. The hill is named Lal Tibba. We began to rest our tired limbs. The air there was quite fresh and cool. We breathed freely. We are highly delighted to see the natural beauty and the scene we saw around the below the hill.

The Green Hill:

The hill was not bare. It has a very large number of trees and plants growing on. Some plants were bearing flowers of colors. The colors of flowers were quite different from those which we generally see in the plains. There were very tall and grand trees. The loftiness of those trees was awe-inspiring. One of my friends said that the air around those trees was very useful for tuberculosis patients.

Scene below the Hill:


I looked down the hill. I saw a steam flowing very rapidly. It was making a noise over the stones. Beautiful white feathered birds of a big size were flying about its banks. They were singing merrily. Some of them were circling in their flight. There were some camels and cows going across the steam. A man was driving them. The man and the animals all seemed to be very small.

One side of the Hill:

On one side of the hill there were some fields of small area. They had their own peculiarity. They were in the form of terraces rising higher one above the other. There was no source of watering them. They were waving with breeze. They presented a beautiful sight. There were trees of some other kind. They bore bright and shining leaves that gave a good shade in the rays of the sun.

Scenes on the other side of the Hill:

At a distance of about hundred meters on both sides of hill there were two pretty huts made of clay and branches of the trees. They seemed to be empty because we could not see anybody in or around them. They looked very pretty as they were covered with pinkish flowers. They scenery almost on all sides of the hill was charming, delightful and glorious. On one side down below there was a meadow, and glittering steam and the woodland were adding greatly to the beauty. It was a sight that produced wonderful effect upon my mind.


After this, by chance we saw a man. We went to him and gave him a rupee. He put us to the right path on the Landhora market.

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