A Short Moral Story on “Do Not Forget Your Past”

Once there was a very poor villager. He found it difficult even to support his family. He came to Delhi in the hope of finding a job. He roamed about in the streets of Delhi, but he did not get a job.

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One day he sat on the bank of Yamuna brooding over his miserable plight. In the mean time a businessman came and stood before him. Perhaps he had taken pity on the villager’s condition.

“Well! What are you doing here? Would you like to work?”


The villager replied “Why not Sir.” I will gladly do any work. The businessman brought him home and assigned to him the job of cleaning his bungalow and his office. The villager began his work and he even started reading and writing in his spare time.

One day the businessman saw that the villager was writing something. He said, “you can read and write also! Your handwriting is very good.” Now the villagers was entrusted the work of office correspondence. The villager began to do this job efficiently. His way of expression was impressive. If a letter involved some accounts work, he tried to do it as best as he could. The businessman was much impressed by the hard work and honesty of the villager.

When the businessman learnt that the villager knew accounts also, he made him his shop accountant. Green eyed monster, jealousy, is a fire, burning in most hearts. The other accountants were very jealous of the villager’s prosperity. They were on the look out for a chance to poison the ears of the businessman. All their tactics failed. Somehow they came to know that villager; before going to the shop, always used to got to a room in the house. The other accountants thought that the villager had stored some wealth in that room dishonestly. The jealous group told the businessman that the villager was a dishonest man. In ‘that’ room he had stored the wealth illegally collected and he added to it every day.

But the businessman refused to believe them unless she had seen it with his own eyes. One day they had their chance. They saw the villager going into ‘that’ room. They closed the door behind him and ran to the businessman. “We have caught the thief,” they cried. The dishonest villager is counting the money he had stolen. Come with us at once and catch the thief with the money. The Seth reached the place in no time and thundered, “Who is there in the room? Open the door.”


The munim (villager/accountant) replied, it is I, Sir.”

The Seth angrily said, “What are you doing inside? Open the door at once.”

The munim hesitated for a moment and then opened the door. There was nothing in that room except an ordinary box.

“What is there in the box?” Seth enquired


The munim pleaded with the Seth not to open the box. But the Seth insisted on his opening the box. The munim again hesitated but the Seth told him to get aside. The Seth opened the box with his own hands.

“What is this?” Seth said in astonishment. The box contained a pair of worn out shoes, a dhoti and a kurta in rags.

The munim humbly replied, “Sir, I came here in this dress. These things continuously remind me of my humble past so that I do not become proud. Before going to the shop I look at these things to remind of my humble past. I pray to God that I should be able to serve my master honestly and faithfully.”

Tears welled up in the Seth’s eyes. His feelings were beyond words. He clasped the munim to his chest. The jealous munims were equally speechless. The Seth was so angry with them that he dismissed one of them at the same time. The others were lowered of their status. The villager was made the head munim.

Pride hath a fall. Never be proud. Never forget your past.

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