A short note on the Division of Indian Tribes

The tribes of India form an important part of our Indian social organization. The Indian tribes have been divided into three main groups.

Utah Native Americans

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North-Eastern Aboriginals

Such tribes are mainly found in Assam. Tripura and Manipur. They are two millions in number. Their language resembles the languages of Austric family. The Kukis, the Nagas and the Mikins etc. are some of the important tribes of this class.


Central Aboriginals

The tribes residing in Vindyanchal, Satpura and Aravali mountains come under this class. The Gonds of Madhya Pradesh, Bhils of Rajastan, Santhals of Chotnagpur, Khond and Kharia of Orissa, are the important tribes of this group. Among all the tribes the number of Santhals is more than two million. Most of the tribes carry out shifting cultivation and some are engaged in small scale industries.

Southern Aboriginals

The tribal people of South India come under this group. The principal tribes of this class are the Kadars of Kerala, the Todas of Nilgiri, Chenchu of Hydrabad and the Baniar and Kurovan of Travancore of Chchin.


Besides the above main classes of Indian abriginals, tribes are found in Andaman and Nikobar, Northern Himalayas, Dheradun and Darjee.

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